Tortured Cow Cat (Pauper)

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    Use Tortured Existence to discard cows and make a lot of food. Feed Cauldron Familiar to a Carrion Feed to win the game.
    The new Thriving Lands make 3+ color splashes easier now. White md make it so you could cast the cows if needed and 1 Auramancer gives you a 5th Tortured Existence.

    Red SB material gives another use for the food tokens: Krak-clan shaman. A pauper board wipe that you can throw food at.

    Plagued Rusalka vs Fume Spitter is a tough one. Fume Spitter kills Delver t1, which tips the scale. Plagued Rusalka can kill bigger things, but more slowly\

    Satyr Wayfinder vs Sakura Tribe Elder - which is better? Steve self sacrifices so is better with TortEx. But Satyr Wayfinder can grabThriving lands. After some reflection, I like Steve. Block then sac seems good in a deck with few threats.

    Grim Harvest is pretty slow, But I think it is very important.

    1. Combat lock loop with Spore Frog. It is the obvious play, but it can be effective in some match-ups.
    2. If you happen to draw it, it is playable on your opponent's turn, so you can keep it up with TortEx and bluff some plays. Post sideboard, it can also be a silver bullet bluff (IS it Faerie Macabre? Moment's Peace?)
    3. It gets back Auramancer, which get's back a Tortured Existence.

    Is 3 Augur of Skulls in the SB too much? They seem really good vs burn...


    Sideboard price: 8.25 € | $ 6.87


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