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About Casual

Casual (sometimes called Kitchen) has no real rules or restrictions, so it's perfect for playing among friends at the kitchen table. Although there are no official rules, it's usually safe to assume that a casual deck has a minimum 60 cards, no more than 4 copies of each card, and you begin the game with 20 life.

Deck name Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck STORM!! 11 minutes ago Geekygreekguy $94 1
Deck ban list end of 1994 12 minutes ago aahaahaah $49,352 1
Deck Goad shenanigans 17 minutes ago TedeZe $235 3
Deck Commander Collection v3 52 minutes ago $9,259 34
Deck Mardu Monarch an hour ago chrism $189 107
Deck UnBEARable an hour ago KurokiKaze 1 $105 53
Deck Kaldheim/Rakdos an hour ago Seabass1420 $12 9
Deck Miracle an hour ago geministrike128 $85 21
Deck surviel dimir an hour ago andrewgerow1 $8 11
Deck Enchant Artifact an hour ago Frankenstec $75 33
Deck Vampires 2 hours ago Frankenstec $82 23
Deck Amys Babe Army 2 hours ago Chaoslord66 $36 27
Deck Untitled Deck 2 hours ago augustot2 $15 20
Deck Instant death 4 hours ago Louishf $268 60
Deck Chandra's Outrage 4 hours ago thomasjeon $15 40
Deck The Plague 4 hours ago Rxplosion $11 19
Deck Faerie 4 hours ago y0n4y $1,239 3,386
Deck cards 5 hours ago Soulspike21 $8 26
Deck RG Stompy 5 hours ago Sweetblues $3,893 73
Deck Giants 5 hours ago 523Scale $98 87


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