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Casual Decks

Min.: $   Max.: $

Über Casual

Casual (sometimes called Kitchen) has no real rules or restrictions, so it's perfect for playing among friends at the kitchen table. Although there are no official rules, it's usually safe to assume that a casual deck has a minimum 60 cards, no more than 4 copies of each card, and you begin the game with 20 life.

Name des Decks Letzte Änderung Von Likes Preis Aufrufe
Deck Tokens vor 24 Minuten IacoMTG $43 34
Deck Verzauberhaft vor 49 Minuten michihe $142 268
Deck Goblins vor einer Stunde Tetdepiaf $40 9
Deck Animar/Alibou Upgrade vor einer Stunde TJPeck $23 286
Deck Untitled Deck vor einer Stunde Tragico98 $14 8
Deck Mono Black vor einer Stunde wesbenjunas $37 7
Deck Selesnya Toxic vor einer Stunde Tetdepiaf $66 4
Deck Konda vor einer Stunde Tetdepiaf $76 13
Deck Proxies vor 2 Stunden zephinounours $1,087 104
Deck Golgari Zombies vor 2 Stunden wesbenjunas $62 41
Deck Slivoïde vor 2 Stunden Cannalgeek $89 9
Deck Beast vor 2 Stunden Tetdepiaf $33 8
Deck Encantamiento vor 2 Stunden Zeref $246 248
Deck Chaos Pod vor 3 Stunden Virgin_Potato $52 8
Deck Block | Urza's Saga | Oppression [graveyard] #budget vor 3 Stunden Pterodoncule $82 88
Deck Et les manteaux ? vor 3 Stunden Bifflodocus $3,797 9
Deck Taby vor 3 Stunden Casales10 $24 9
Deck Red and Green Werewolves vor 3 Stunden Bjoernbear176 $51 83
Deck asdadg4g43g vor 3 Stunden Schneekugel $290 30
Deck birbs vor 3 Stunden illakunsaa $899 460

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