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About Pioneer

Pioneer is the newest MTG format. Like Modern before it, Pioneer was designed as a place for decks to be used after they rotate out of Standard. It includes all main sets since Return to Ravnica.

Decks Pioneer

Nom du Deck Dernière mise à jour Par Likes Prix Vues
Deck G/W Cats Il y a 3 heures Nafram 7 $112 482
Deck Pioneer Rakdos sac and go Il y a 4 heures schluna1 $261 17
Deck Jund Midrange Advent. Il y a 4 heures Pox_Man $322 7
Deck Izzet 4Fun Il y a 4 heures Neutro000 $12 66
Deck Abzan Midrange Il y a 4 heures Dethardt $297 185
Deck Red Deck Wins Il y a 6 heures Grao6200 $142 129
Deck Izzet Drake Il y a 7 heures Grao6200 $17 88
Deck Delirium "Jund" Il y a 10 heures DAM20 $169 312
Deck Mid-Range Wolf/Werewolf Il y a 10 heures DAM20 2 $47 310
Deck Temur Tron Lands Il y a 10 heures Richiganze $347 20
Deck BUG Lutri Flash Il y a 11 heures TopanFreeblade $423 228
Deck abnaze Il y a 13 heures Yungboi $216 120
Deck Takey Takey Il y a 14 heures cardboard_boks $106 86
Deck Felino Il y a 14 heures AndreAx91 $255 62
Deck How many tokens can we make by attacking Il y a 17 heures Nafram $218 18
Deck Monowhite Cats Il y a 18 heures Nafram $113 7
Deck Golgari Undergrowth Pioneer Il y a 22 heures grayarea $104 23
Deck Esper Control Il y a 23 heures TaxExemption23 $172 14
Deck Yorion Doom Dance Il y a 1 jours GrandSweden $396 11
Deck UW Approach Il y a 1 jours Stallinginspace $359 122


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