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About Standard

Standard uses only cards from the most recent sets. Because a new set enters Standard every three months, and four sets leave every year, the landscape of Standard is constantly changing.

Decks de Standard

Nome do Deck Última atualização Por Curtidas Preço Visualizações
Deck Improper Policing 4 minutos atrás NekoBlue $12 3
Deck gruul fling 11 minutos atrás ErolLongstrike $63 18
Deck Rakdos Sacrifice Obosh 15 minutos atrás zaperin $137 2
Deck Copy of: Dimir mill control 20 minutos atrás CabraLoca19 $118 23
Deck Fires of Calamity uma hora atrás thom46and2 $18 40
Deck Sultai Mutate uma hora atrás SureSong $9 7
Deck discard control uma hora atrás rg95161 $380 12
Deck Mardu Sac Iko PostCompanionChange 2 horas atrás bcelmo $211 9
Deck Zombies 2 horas atrás AboveAvgDoug $7 37
Deck Mono White Kitty Cats 3 horas atrás King Jellyfish $21 6
Deck BR aggro 3 horas atrás FettteMottte $108 118
Deck You Cyclin, Brah? 3 horas atrás TheAOD $35 9
Deck five color ramp 4 horas atrás kdonkers $324 1,770
Deck Mono Green Aggro - next 4 horas atrás Pofl $93 38
Deck Mono Green Mutate 4 horas atrás Pofl $57 60
Deck Knight Siege 4 horas atrás TheAOD $80 17
Deck Sky's Blade 5 horas atrás d4sy92120 $54 22
Deck Standard BU [Arena] 7 horas atrás Uomogelato $47 9
Deck Mono Red 7 horas atrás gibbonz $12 11
Deck Kraken [Arena] 7 horas atrás Uomogelato $11 11


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