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Vintage Decks

Min.: $   Max.: $

About Vintage

All cards are legal in this format (with only a few exceptions). Many cards are instead restricted meaning only one copy is allowed. Because of the deck-building freedom, the decks here tend to be the most powerful you can find, and also the most expensive.

Deck name Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck anti monored & gobs 3 hours ago punixer $123 31
Deck Exalted mage 3 hours ago punixer $1,973 22
Deck Copy of: Black and Blue 3 hours ago Juan Valdez 1 $12,952 167
Deck UB Rescaminator 9 hours ago Sweetblues $7,734 25
Deck Untitled Deck 20 hours ago punixer $1,805 31
Deck MUD 22 hours ago n00per $14,396 22
Deck Vine 22 hours ago n00per $7,097 18
Deck BUG 23 hours ago n00per $12,582 19
Deck Stillhowling 1 days ago punixer $1,246 60
Deck Midrange control 1 days ago punixer $133 57
Deck sd 1 days ago SkyRedSun $34 25
Deck Manaless Ichorid 1 days ago crimsonking $6,626 936
Deck lurus 1 days ago n00per $11,416 21
Deck Untitled Deck 2 days ago mathis974 $18,817 29
Deck Lupis 2 days ago Pappa1 $28 74
Deck Treasure Titan 2 days ago jrcw $521 69
Deck Blinding Authority 2 days ago jrcw $925 24
Deck Esper Control 3 days ago Arcane $14,695 691
Deck Ausrüstung Krieger 3 days ago Betacore $41 51
Deck Mono Black Minions 3 days ago Majank $66 28

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