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Deck name Format Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck UW Control Standard 8 minutes ago Lenny Ozbun $197 1
Deck The Surrak Dragonclaw Eldrazi Deck EDH / Commander 8 minutes ago DivisionalDescender $280 1,099
Deck UB Control Standard 21 minutes ago HeyJund $352 73
Deck Tatyova Huge Tracts of Land EDH / Commander 33 minutes ago Adjective_Noun $530 48
Deck Rona Cycle Brawl 36 minutes ago IceCore $106 5
Deck REANIMATOR Legacy 43 minutes ago Bosconovitch $805 120
Deck Zombie Commander (My first attempt at a Commander Deck) EDH / Commander 53 minutes ago emaster170 $76 99
Deck Azorious - modern - v1 Modern an hour ago mirall $859 72
Deck Kess, Dissident Mage an hour ago Aago1994 $575 307
Deck Blue White Miracles Legacy an hour ago I Killed Karn 1 $1,941 574
Deck Izzet Wizard Tempo Standard an hour ago undisputed_lord_of_edge $110 139
Deck Modern Miracles Modern an hour ago I Killed Karn $1,169 97
Deck Muldrotha Value Town [Semi-Tuned // No Combo] EDH / Commander an hour ago XxHazard001xX $3,109 156
Deck Raff Capashen EDH / Commander an hour ago Morkai5 $778 9
Deck 4E/FE/IA/HL/AL/MI/VI/HL/5E/TE/SH/EX cube Casual an hour ago bedpicnic $1,817 5
Deck Mill Legacy an hour ago Lofwyr $2,531 12
Deck Tetsuko Umezawa EDH / Commander an hour ago Redhmage1 $170 21
Deck Improved "Teferi, Timebender" PW Deck Standard an hour ago arcueid $29 13
Deck RELEASE THE TITAN (titanshift) temur Vintage an hour ago minoteo $12,520 11
Deck kiki cat Modern an hour ago jotab85 $835 2


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