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Deck name Format Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck Grisbi B/G/r V7 Modern 21 minutes ago Uryion $1,482 21
Deck Grisbi B/G/r V6 Modern 22 minutes ago Uryion $1,481 22
Deck Copy of: Artifactception: Make Them Remember Not All Colorless Decks Are Eldrazi Legacy an hour ago Laikar $59 4
Deck Copy of: Heikos Pauper Pauper 2 hours ago $20 30
Deck Copy of: Anti Land & Artifact Modern 2 hours ago lanath $11 41
Deck Copy of: BGu Midrange Modern 3 hours ago serjskeleton $1,627 6
Deck Teysa Karlov EDH EDH / Commander 8 hours ago furiousflow $999 139
Deck UW Midrange V2 Modern 9 hours ago windock $764 8
Deck Copy of: Mono G Ramp Casual 10 hours ago velcroninja $234 5
Deck Big Jodah, Memelord Eternal v1.3 EDH / Commander 12 hours ago __BIOHAZARD___ $1,056 27
Deck UW Control Standard 7 minutes ago nikinelk $372 103
Deck Copy of: Biomancer Adapt infinite combos Modern 17 hours ago Rexsus98 $650 14
Deck Copy of: Budget Niv-Mizzet Control Standard 19 hours ago velcroninja $39 15
Deck Copy of: Burn Control Blue-Red deck Modern 19 hours ago velcroninja $132 9
Deck Copy of: @ IZZET-MIZZET GUTTERPARUN (Damage and Control) Standard 19 hours ago velcroninja $136 18
Deck Copy of: Ghave v2.0 EDH / Commander 1 days ago Twinzin03 $176 8
Deck Copy of: Death by a Thousand Gritters EDH / Commander 1 days ago RFrampt $209 5
Deck Copy of: Copy of: R/G moje XXIII 1 days ago fernetis $737 48
Deck Sliver Queen: Superfriends 1 days ago zylmer95 $10,372 17,342
Deck And now, born from the ashes, she’s a warrior in bloodied black (Najeela, the Blade-Blossom) EDH / Commander 1 days ago insomniaworm $752 85


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