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Deck name Format Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck Dragon Treasure Pile EDH / Commander 5 days ago EBenz $417 76
Deck Sultai Control Modern 1 months ago Mikestud 1 $1,038 418
Deck Esper Friends - The Exile Pile Style (Control) Modern 1 months ago picknicker $337 204
Deck Jhoira's KCI Machine EDH / Commander 3 months ago planeswalker91 $352 279
Deck penta niv mizzet yorion pile Casual 3 months ago cartadaforno $380 73
Deck Yorion snow pile Modern 4 months ago anendlessepidemic $919 116
Deck Yorion Historic Stryfo Pile Historic 4 months ago Squirrel $555 48
Deck Chaos Control! (it's just a control deck it doesn't have chaos cards I just thought it would be funny to reference the chaos emeralds this is just a removal pile to stop cedh decks) EDH / Commander 4 months ago ph270 $460 57
Deck Uro Pile Omnath WURG Modern 4 months ago MrAnderson 1 $1,156 405
Deck 4c Uro Pile Modern 5 months ago Escipion $1,103 110
Deck fusion Duel Commander 5 months ago bitzelberg [private] $2,359 116
Deck Arixmethes, Slumbering Pile EDH / Commander 5 months ago Senheis $86 32
Deck Licia's pile of cards EDH / Commander 5 months ago Senheis $84 46
Deck S03R05 Sultai Pile Casual 6 months ago tryandow $237 58
Deck A Curious Little Pile EDH / Commander 6 months ago onewa64 $1,875 286
Deck It's Not A Bug It's A Feature EDH / Commander 6 months ago MrMagoo22 $739 131
Deck Bant Pile 6 months ago Tricky RC $416 32
Deck Bone Pile 3.0 Card List 6 months ago wvanr $663 73
Deck Thassa Blink Control EDH / Commander 6 months ago Firestorm258 $286 80
Deck UBx Control Legacy 6 months ago paulsjeff $2,842 104


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