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Deck name Format Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck Gisa and Geralf: All Your Brains Are Belong To Us EDH / Commander an hour ago fdagar $341 5
Deck Tasigur X EDH / Commander 5 days ago Crispy $254 137
Deck There Are Many Fungus' Among Us EDH / Commander 5 days ago cl3ric 3 $131 65
Deck The Dead Are Coming!(pauper) 6 days ago gamehammed $18 40
Deck Cats are life! Standard 8 days ago Sto(m)p_Button $35 134
Deck Are we humans? or are we Dancers EDH / Commander 12 days ago campjam121 $154 51
Deck You are wrong! Here is Why. Casual 17 days ago derrien $267 51
Deck Gwyllion Hags are Monsters 19 days ago Cryoclasm $43 30
Deck Kithkins are more then Hobbits 19 days ago Cryoclasm $46 13
Deck Warriors are pretty deece EDH / Commander 19 days ago DeepFriedCourage $196 17
Deck Win Conditions are for Losers EDH / Commander 24 days ago IZMTG $79 27
Deck Am I a Roman General now? Casual 27 days ago BentReality9 $100 48
Deck Mayael My Friends are Bigger than Your Friends EDH / Commander 28 days ago Viperion $419 2,513
Deck When Ghosts Are Liches; Obzedat, Ghost Council And Investigations Into The Origin of Undeath EDH / Commander 29 days ago jase9112 $377 27
Deck Thrasios and Ludevic are hugging everyone 1 months ago arnauoso $161 168
Deck Rats Are Friends v1 EDH / Commander 1 months ago Torpored $438 38
Deck Uber mill mostly blue dimir deck for those who are willing to pay a high cost for casual. Casual 1 months ago Varatius $6,888 36
Deck Are you afraid to draw? - Combo Deck Modern 1 months ago CPFCPF $62 28
Deck Izzet - Parun's Rule Standard 1 months ago derrien $139 38
Deck I'm Pretty Sure Goblins Are Actually Dragons Standard 1 months ago MawilliX 14 $212 1,883


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