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Deck name Format Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck I challenge you to make this deck Modern 2 days ago BSR $2,877,628,087 23
Deck Explosive Goblin burn /mono Red budget Legacy 10 days ago Tezzeret.gmt $63 31
Deck make rdw cheap again Casual 11 days ago BoneFlute2 1 $13 162
Deck Make America Great Again EDH / Commander 14 days ago Kagnos $595 27
Deck make manaburn great again! Casual 18 days ago ShenkyeiRambo $127 24
Deck How to make mtg single player 26 days ago kemosabi $342 35
Deck deck i didnt make EDH / Commander 1 months ago Munchkin-ruler $373 23
Deck For when you really want to make sure he's dead Modern 1 months ago MisterDalek 1 $28 76
Deck Make Lands Great Again, A Patron Story EDH / Commander 1 months ago Boricrook $234 55
Deck Make Tibalt Great Again Casual 2 months ago Rukak $59 80
Deck MGGA - Make Goblins Great Again Standard 2 months ago clesiemo3 $50 68
Deck Blood Stuffs Legacy 3 months ago ArgonianFly 1 $21 724
Deck Fastest Goblins in the West!(27$ to make)/Mono RED Legacy 3 months ago blueberry314 $137 48
Deck make ESPERcontrol greate again Modern 3 months ago TKBMagic $339 36
Deck make elder dragons great again EDH / Commander 4 months ago patchm98 $164 39
Deck Ruric Thar: Lets make everyone as angry as I am EDH / Commander 4 months ago cbtimm $64 31
Deck Gahiji, Honored One (Closest Thing to a Goat Tribal I Could Make) EDH / Commander 4 months ago TheTeardropGamer $375 24
Deck What will make the cut for the warrior deck? 5 months ago nilsoop $168 24
Deck does this even make sense Standard 5 months ago TheDeadRumor $135 46
Deck Make People Rage EDH / Commander 5 months ago NoisyBoy_14 $24 80


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