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Rechercher Decks: tagués "KLD"

Nom du Deck Format Dernière mise à jour Par Likes Prix Vues
Deck Mage's Discourse Extended Il y a une heure RoxxyAvalon $23 5
Deck Só para baixinhos Casual Il y a une heure Rodrigo Alves $20 21
Deck Leftover Red Standard Il y a 5 heures Trivalde $8 3
Deck sultai counter Standard Il y a 6 heures bogret $117 5
Deck Primeiro Deck Azul e Preto Modificado Casual Il y a 7 heures Lenar $10 10
Deck Get in the Car EDH / Commander Il y a 7 heures DerMuckk $50 46
Deck Etergenitor´s Standard Il y a 8 heures paxtu $51 13
Deck Juza RB Aggro Standard Il y a 8 heures FightingWalloon 1 $219 42
Deck MistParadox Standard Il y a 9 heures Mistmash $187 47
Deck Untitled Deck Il y a 10 heures SaiLenTtk $18 13
Deck R/W GFG Artifact/Madcap ($33) Standard Il y a 13 heures Elietist $46 19
Deck blue standard Standard Il y a 18 heures SwimmingCorgi $13 32
Deck B/G Constricter Casual Il y a 20 heures pearls $44 18
Deck Mono Black Energy [Arena Standard] Standard Il y a 22 heures joaopauloribeiro $83 11
Deck UR Control Standard Il y a 23 heures thesemicolon 2 $169 140
Deck Gruul Energy (Kaladesh) Casual Il y a 1 jours mgoulet78 $42 265
Deck Storm Standard Il y a 1 jours Freakle $196 35
Deck B/R Aggro Standard Il y a 1 jours FujiFilm400 $237 39
Deck Pump and Dump R/B Standard Il y a 1 jours Javier6393269 $15 17
Deck vehicles vc Il y a 1 jours vicorez11 1 $24 47


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