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Deck name Format Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck All About The Bottom EDH / Commander 1 days ago AllHailBolas 5 $360 3,650
Deck Martyr's speak about the Sun-Crowned Modern 2 months ago immaigue $572 202
Deck About Humans and Demons [casual] Modern 2 months ago BoBWiz $214 207
Deck Grenzo: Forgot about Gre EDH / Commander 2 months ago Space Owl $399 505
Deck How about a little spice in your life? Modern 2 months ago retroplayer1478 $41 83
Deck Commander Muldrotha - All about Mana EDH / Commander 4 months ago Ramon84 $549 339
Deck Scry About It (Eligeth / Kydele) 8 months ago Trevantus $176 76
Deck yes I have 6 planeswalkers what about it Vintage 9 months ago windowsrule $9,761 57
Deck Toothy, but it's about creatures EDH / Commander 10 months ago Mowend $428 37
Deck I Like Spells Yes, How About You? EDH / Commander 10 months ago Master Rizzle $95 53
Deck All about dat booty EDH / Commander 10 months ago MTG Ingram $329 54
Deck It's all about the minotaurs Standard 10 months ago Jerboa44 $71 189
Deck All ramp cards i care about Card List 11 months ago Skypex $1,970 63
Deck A Rakdos Party never killed nobody (Not sure about that) 11 months ago Al_Lestrange2802 $247 49
Deck vanguard meme deck dont worry about it EDH / Commander 11 months ago Meladic $778 53
Deck Grenzo EDH / Commander 12 months ago teh1337drummer $435 25
Deck I Care About Naya EDH / Commander 1.1 years ago SubarashiBoi $349 28
Deck something familiar about this..nah, maybe not... Casual 1.2 years ago Richyk $287 38
Deck Copy of: Don't even think about trying to make this deck. (guaranteed turn two win) Also 58.2% chance of a "turn 1" win Casual 1.3 years ago BanjoCat $1,731,871 215
Deck Why is nobody talking about Kroxa + Anax? Standard 1.3 years ago DoubleBubble $235 169


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