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Deck name Format Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck Modern Pelegion Modern 9 hours ago SleepyVillain $273 13
Deck jhoira infinite combo triggers EDH / Commander 7 months ago Nocker2001 $222 160
Deck Esper Artifact Reanimator Modern 9 months ago LapisUniverse $334 195
Deck Sai, Reworked EDH / Commander 9 months ago Costrictor $315 31
Deck Walking Constructs Modern 1.1 years ago Chef17 11 $212 3,668
Deck Grey Eggs™ Modern 1.6 years ago Magii $119 148
Deck Grinding station/Scrap Trawler Urza Thoptersword Modern 1.9 years ago Borachon $1,054 102
Deck Grinding station combo Modern 2.7 years ago DarksteelHumphrey $625 463
Deck KCI Modern 2.7 years ago Casadion $456 151
Deck Sai, Master Thopterist EDH / Commander 2.8 years ago Costrictor $325 175
Deck Scrap Trawler con U Modern 3.2 years ago Casadion $465 320
Deck Scrap Trawler Station 4.1 years ago RamBo $104 182
Deck Pia's Indomitable Revolution Standard 4.4 years ago Dave274 $31 264
Deck Scrap Trawler Ravenous Intruder Combo Standard 4.4 years ago ganjaeono 1 $111 3,212


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