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Search Decks: tagged "Should"

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Deck name Format Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck Vampires SHOULD BE a competitive modern deck Modern 3.6 years ago DoubleBubble 8 $324 913
Deck Why should I only play with my cards? EDH / Commander 3.9 years ago TheHighstone 3 $139 196
Deck The thing that should not be - Tana & Tymna EDH / Commander 4.1 years ago Proxy Lab $2,551 139
Deck You Should Try Adapting To a Rooftop Modern 4.2 years ago DoubleBubble $449 56
Deck An offer you can't refuse ..... or should ( Teysa Karlov) EDH / Commander 4.3 years ago Fenrir93 $552 52
Deck I should let feather die but... Standard 4.3 years ago Lucien143 $72 139
Deck Why should we look into the sky when we can find enough gruesome ways to die in the ocean? EDH / Commander 4.3 years ago dealda $58 48
Deck Huh, this should be fun 4.5 years ago bensonbledsoe $1,472 170
Deck Realistically I should have a way of tutoring for the Basker and the Runner but I kind of just want to see where this goes EDH / Commander 4.9 years ago Taveena $1,186 56
Deck of course you should fight fire with fire. you should fight everything with fire. Modern 5.1 years ago bobthedeck 1 $75 209
Deck Why Should Blue Have All The Fun? Pauper 5.2 years ago ComingUpCway84 3 $13 294
Deck This Should Be Banned Standard 5.3 years ago Chlebíček $170 216
Deck You should really INVESTIGATE this deck. Casual 5.5 years ago luksters $17 92
Deck Inalla, you should not pass ! EDH / Commander 5.7 years ago Jarzhur $175 301
Deck Sliver Should Sliver Sliver [EDH]: Sliver Overlord EDH / Commander 6.2 years ago Jylos_Goldwing $603 195
Deck It should be bad Legacy 6.8 years ago pooders8 $1,650 105
Deck how R/W vehicles should be Standard 7.3 years ago Ash210989 $63 202
Deck Bruna, Lightened by Auras EDH / Commander 7.4 years ago gerarddeloso $698 66
Deck It should be painful! Casual 7.7 years ago Braga $103 65
Deck Abzan Aristocrap but not really should be good. Modern 7.9 years ago Oakenwilloe $252 169

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