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Search Decks: tagged "UB Aggro"

Min.: $   Max.: $
Deck name Format Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck Aggressive Mill Modern 8 months ago lyssa $655 93
Deck Dimir Aggressive Mill Modern 8 months ago lyssa 1 $675 242
Deck Yuriko's Den EDH / Commander 2.1 years ago LordOfTheRise $1,507 55
Deck Platz 06: Dion S., Ub Aggro Control Highlander 2.2 years ago TracerTong $1,421 61
Deck The Hidden Mist Village Casual 2.3 years ago Asura 5 $22 754
Deck KRAKEN UB Modern 2.8 years ago Mef $682 124
Deck UB Aggro 3.0 years ago stsully $26,419 197
Deck ub mill aggro that noone ever build before Modern 3.1 years ago kevinilbimbo96 $489 179
Deck Miraculous: Gaming the System (Un) Casual 3.1 years ago Kid Urza $10 99
Deck Ashiok, Dreal Render + Exhume Oathbreaker 3.3 years ago SHISHI $1,134 228
Deck UB Filthy Rogues Modern 3.3 years ago Shivshiv $236 203
Deck UB Artifacts Aggro Modern 3.3 years ago maxys $36 582
Deck Ub Zombie aggro Modern 3.3 years ago urza.exe $754 158
Deck UB Aggro/Control Midrange Faeries Modern 3.5 years ago Borachon $880 409
Deck ub faerieless vintage aggro for a forum challenge (also had to be CMC<=90) Vintage 3.5 years ago fluffyDeathbringer $5,524 127
Deck UB Mill Aggro Modern 3.8 years ago SergiDoke 1 $246 411
Deck MTGA Quick Draft - Core 2019 - UB aggro Casual 3.8 years ago Nephi66 $2 535
Deck UB Dimir Surveil/Flying/Aggro Standard 4.0 years ago SznapTV $125 852
Deck UB Surveil aggro Standard 4.0 years ago Mrspear $129 405
Deck UB Discardless Aggro/Control Faeries Modern 4.0 years ago Ekenahc $741 312

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