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Search Decks: tagged "White Devotion"

Min.: $   Max.: $
Deck name Format Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck mono white devotion Modern 8 days ago ironpile $33 743
Deck White Devotion: Kyodai, Soul of Kamigawa EDH / Commander 5 months ago Zilareut $226 29
Deck White Devotion: Golos, Tireless Pilgrim EDH / Commander 7 months ago Zilareut $226 200
Deck Your Angel Heart (7) EDH / Commander 9 months ago Escrypton $559 248
Deck Daxos, Blessed by the Sun EDH (Budget) EDH / Commander 1.1 years ago B4hET $55 211
Deck Avacyn, ange de l'espoir par Edgar The Cat Person EDH / Commander 1.2 years ago La Tour de Commandement - Deck Evaluator $561 44
Deck Heliod, Sun-Crowned EDH / Commander 2.0 years ago technicium $750 60
Deck white devotions lifegain Standard 2.0 years ago randy pohl $140 77
Deck White Devotion Counters Standard 2.1 years ago jmolina1977 $97 85
Deck Lifegain Pioneer 2.1 years ago lawrence0farabia $103 153
Deck Mono white devotion Standard 2.1 years ago Jaimy990 $116 127
Deck Mono White Devotion Pioneer 2.3 years ago lawrence0farabia $279 68
Deck Mono White Heliod Devotion Pioneer 2.5 years ago Karaviro $275 104
Deck Heliod White Devotion Pioneer 2.6 years ago Karaviro $287 74
Deck White Tough Lifegain (Thicc) Pioneer 2.6 years ago Rooker $336 77
Deck Mono White Heliod Pioneer 2.6 years ago chrisisthebatman $281 96
Deck Mono white devotion Pioneer 2.6 years ago Tymo95MTG $394 72
Deck Copy of: White Devotion Aggro Standard 2.6 years ago wh4m $70 60
Deck white devotion Standard 2.6 years ago Th0r3k $133 57
Deck $20 Series: Mono White Devotion Standard 2.6 years ago Ogaiht $15 267

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