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Search Decks: tagged "consistent"

Min.: $   Max.: $
Deck name Format Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck "Zur0: A 0-card Combo Deck" ft. Zur the Enchanter EDH / Commander 14 days ago Miha Piston $889 652
Deck (NO BANLIST) RG Channel Fireball Historic 7 months ago nickd616 $364 107
Deck Copy of: Triskaidekaphobia Legacy 2.1 years ago $60 59
Deck Narset (Again) EDH / Commander 3.1 years ago Mr_Gumshmak $345 49
Deck Hopefully Consistent Zirda 3.6 years ago jmcrae $424 49
Deck Imagine Paying Mana Cost (Narset, Enlightened Master) EDH / Commander 4.0 years ago Mr_Gumshmak 1 $154 109
Deck Gruul Fires of Control Standard 4.4 years ago Anthoniejf223 $82 472
Deck Consistent first turn kill on self! Modern 4.5 years ago Maloew $20 132
Deck infect turn 2 consistent Legacy 4.9 years ago Soren841 2 $1,222 826
Deck Insanely Consistent Pili-Pala/Grand Architect Combo Deck (Modern) Modern 5.7 years ago lolnewcards 6 $167 1,889
Deck Bolts and Bombs Standard - Win by playing lands up until turn 6 and playing consistent bombs to crush them Standard 6.5 years ago BO $95 121
Deck Grixis Control #HardToBeat Standard 6.5 years ago dylon53 $80 224
Deck Out for a Bite (Vampire) Modern 6.8 years ago quickfingers26 $163 555
Deck consistent version of my modern deck Modern 7.0 years ago jibbebot $70 90
Deck Triskaidekaphobia Legacy 7.1 years ago ShadowMomentum 17 $58 2,349
Deck Entering the Infinite Orchard Modern 8.2 years ago falconblade123 1 $318 1,206
Deck Fairly consistent Izzet Agrro Modern 8.3 years ago MTG_Matador $138 488
Deck Animar EDH EDH / Commander 10.7 years ago dangersnaf $395 2,604
Deck Modern W Humans Modern 11.0 years ago Teylian $195 9,614
Deck BUGr Control Standard 11.1 years ago Blackfall $253 3,456

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