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Deck name Format Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck Angry? Angry? someone put the ships cat in a bin!!! Standard 28 days ago Moonmoo 1 $30 77
Deck No Port in a Storm 28 days ago Orethon $469 10
Deck Jarad in a budget EDH / Commander 2 months ago efexuy $149 6,997
Deck UR dead in a sec Standard 3 months ago panamakid $65 278
Deck Birds [caught in a storm remix] Modern 4 months ago slimdante 2 $235 3,890
Deck List Of Possibly Powerful Mythics in Modern and Standard - (good budget ones, possibly great ones, underrated mythics, and a ton of mythic to build around) Standard 4 months ago BO 3 $345 125
Deck [Green] Snakes in a Forest (Snakes Tribal) Casual 5 months ago TheChemist $39 32
Deck Doom in a Jar Casual 6 months ago bluesteel67 $64 59
Deck Ajani and Oketra, sitting in a tree... Standard 6 months ago Triton00 $131 154
Deck Red Skred in a "budget" (mono red control modern) Modern 7 months ago leonidas08 $241 103
Deck Horse in a Desert 7 months ago GatorBar $17 46
Deck in the face, like a train Modern 1.0 years ago umberto gaio 1 $100 100
Deck Lightning in a Bottle EDH / Commander 1.1 years ago MafiaIguana $662 68
Deck Snakes In A Deck Casual 1.1 years ago kgrroth $36 25
Deck Genie In A Bottle Casual 1.1 years ago kgrroth $175 24
Deck Suicide, Always end in a tie on turn three. Modern 1.1 years ago DannyForTheWin101341007 $13 91
Deck brain in a jar Modern 1.1 years ago Angelo93 $614 51
Deck Freylise and Nissa sittin in a tree... EDH / Commander 1.2 years ago pdx_gamer $222 322
Deck Elfed in the A 1.2 years ago Needtobecom $78 14
Deck Paraplegiac hobo riding in a shopping cart 1.3 years ago jmtgarg 2 $153 122


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