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Deck name Format Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck Who’s Scrying Now EDH / Commander 2 days ago Mmtkbb_30 $164 34
Deck Skidaddle Skidoodle! Your deck is now a noodle! EDH / Commander 9 days ago expendable $174 12
Deck Skidaddle Skidoodle! Your deck is now a noodle! EDH / Commander 10 days ago DirtyDan490 $174 260
Deck Brigadier General Damage EDH EDH / Commander 17 days ago fonboy3d $428 91
Deck I'd kill for a burger right now. Modern 19 days ago ariram54 $848 31
Deck Mono Black Casual 26 days ago xd300 $77 90
Deck Naya burn: now with BBE Modern 1 months ago CScraf $699 184
Deck Jeskai control: now with brainstorm Modern 1 months ago CScraf $1,587 94
Deck You are Master Transmuter's little victim Modern 1 months ago Goofy Perverso 7 $179 13,577
Deck [Budget Standard] Pia's Rakdos Rage Standard 1 months ago fantasio 1 $30 72
Deck Sultai Pyramid ver 1.1 Standard 1 months ago Def One $204 147
Deck Rhys' Army (Now with less corruption) EDH / Commander 2 months ago uwcsDemo $328 39
Deck O Navigator, My Navigator (Mk 2: Now with More Than One Way To Win!) EDH / Commander 3 months ago Haberdashery2 $1,284 191
Deck I take a bit, now its your turn Modern 3 months ago Windiable $859 41
Deck Throw it away now! Legacy 3 months ago FranzFlorian $331 50
Deck Whoops! All spells - wait no - Whoops! Now all creatures (main deck esper control with no creatures, becomes a tokens deck after sideboard) Standard 4 months ago BO $349 94
Deck Scarab God Land Destruction Modern 4 months ago Luis_ZaSa $1,385 170
Deck Bring back Dragonstorm! Now with more UrzaTron! Modern 4 months ago JAT0 1 $303 2,062
Deck What's Yours Is Now Mine Casual 5 months ago naszfluckah $5 60
Deck Brago - now you see me, now you don't EDH / Commander 5 months ago ratsbane $57 465


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