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Deck name Format Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck Ninja - Balance Modern 3 months ago GoblinLackey 1 $939 392
Deck Yuriko's insidious Shinobi onslaught EDH / Commander 4 months ago derVivian $493 119
Deck Esper Shinobi Modern 9 months ago defekt $1,063 89
Deck Ninja's Edge Modern 1.3 years ago lionncubb $117 198
Deck Der Weg der Shinobi Legacy 1.3 years ago Sensai $596 268
Deck shinobi control Modern 1.6 years ago urza.exe $654 63
Deck Disciple of Madness Modern 1.7 years ago THE WOTHEN HOUSE $19 74
Deck 4c Shinobi Jank Modern 1.8 years ago Ungestüm $782 36
Deck Feen des Shinobi Modern 1.9 years ago Lofwyr $825 283
Deck Shinobi tribal Modern 2.1 years ago Aloys Velimir 4 $10 386
Deck Vela the Secret Shinobi EDH / Commander 2.8 years ago Epicarious $78 279
Deck The way of the Shinobi 4.3 years ago Nodnarb $205 135
Deck Shinobi Casual 5.1 years ago Sayimasu $228 476
Deck Nezumi Shinobi Casual 5.3 years ago DragooNick $176 2,108
Deck Sneaky Shinobi from the Shadows Modern 5.5 years ago PyreCracker $441 363


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