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Buscar Decks: com tag "targeting"

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Buscar Decks: com tag "targeting"

Nome do Deck Formato Última atualização Por Curtidas Preço Visualizações
Deck Target Lock EDH / Commander 3 meses atrás Feutty $537 59
Deck Feather the Cantripping Angel EDH / Commander 4 meses atrás LukenZur $330 221
Deck Kenrith the corrupted king EDH / Commander 4 meses atrás DarthSloth $145 52
Deck Multiplayer "Everybody but me - charge" (A Heroic-Feather-Combo) 6 meses atrás BeltánDumah $157 31
Deck Naya self-targeting Standard 9 meses atrás Walker 1 $170 452
Deck Self decking by self targeting Standard 9 meses atrás Walker $95 44
Deck targeting boyo EDH / Commander 1.7 anos atrás 19TiMcGowan $134 41
Deck Dimir Targeting Matters EDH / Commander 2.3 anos atrás Rhonas the Indomitable $146 375
Deck Targeting Heroic Modern 2.6 anos atrás kpeot16 $67 143
Deck Horobi, Death's Wail Targeting Hell EDH / Commander 3.5 anos atrás MrAmericanHamTho $832 284
Deck Mana discount heroic!! Targeting creature as much as you like!! Modern 5.4 anos atrás rzrhdn $28 997
Deck Wally will destroy you! Casual 5.9 anos atrás gabhvz $45 796
Deck Shu Yun, The Coming Storm Standard 6.0 anos atrás JackOfSpades $16 1,157
Deck Blue Red Heroic 6.4 anos atrás erikmo1996 $7 2,289


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