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[en] Feedback / Re: Card Search in Deckbuilder
« on: Today at 08:55:29 AM »
yes you'll have to go to the advanced search settings in order to filter your search in both ways.

[en] Deck Review Requests / Re: Torment Cycle
« on: Today at 08:53:52 AM »
you should try running it a few times to see how it works.

The locust god you mean?

i may be creative but I'm not psychic (not sure if i'd want to be either with everything jace goes through).

It's ok, I tend to do that to people. But you know I did do one last deck for the Locust God. It's Grixis.....

Hence the reason why I make these threads, to give everyone crazy yet effective ideas. I'm guessing you're going to make a deck post of this later aren't you?

Exile the bat with The scarab god's ability. Now your 2/1 bat just became a 4/4 flyer with haste (if you paid the mana cost). And it's a zombie......

[en] Deck Review Requests / Re: Torment Cycle
« on: Today at 08:35:59 AM »
I think the skullclamp is better. it costs less and it is optional not mandatory compared to the enchantment. Also you're losing a creature you don't need rather than paying a steady amount of life.

I had the two ofs because the scorpion god recycles himself upon death and because I kept drawing both copies of him too early. But for Hapatra I do see that maybe 3 or 4 copies wouldn't be a bad idea. I built the deck with basic lands first to see how the mana ratio could be best fixed but it's worth trying if I ever get my hands on those.

Yeah I don't sleep much at night due to my job. I kinda just stay awake until I crash (which is usually around 3am). But thanks on the deck, what do you think of the build?

[en] Deck Review Requests / Re: Torment Cycle
« on: Today at 08:27:30 AM »
What's the overall goal of the deck? -1/-1 counters and life drain?

Deck Comments / Re: Torment Cycle - Comments
« on: Today at 08:19:22 AM »
I'm guessing Liliana is used t fuel the Hailfire right?

[en] Deck Review Requests / [Standard] Feed the Locusts
« on: Today at 08:14:10 AM »
Feed the Locusts

Grixis Discard/Draw deck. The deck uses drawing cards to build up a strong board state with the locust God. Also with the spells in the graveyard it fuels cards such as cryptic serpent and enigma drake.

This is my last God themed deck, this time centering around the Locust God. Once again if anyone has any opinions, questions, comments or concern feel free to post them. This is purely for deck building topics for conversation and to ignite the spark of creativity in others.

[en] Deck Review Requests / [Standard] Scarabs Waste Nothing
« on: Today at 07:44:00 AM »
Scarabs Waste Nothing

Esper Zombie deck that uses mill and exile tactics to utilize the powers of the scarab god. Sending cards to your opponent's grave and stealing health are two prominent mechanics in this build.

This is the 2nd God deck that I built. It has potential and can be very lethal when played right. Personally I feel that more counter spells would be good on the menu but I'll leave this one up to you all for discussion. Let me know what you all think.

Wrath of the Scorpion King

Jund -1/-1 Counter deck using Hapatra, Vizier of poisons and the Scorpion God. The objective is to utilize the various creatures and spells to create a synergy within the deck that allows for card draws, kill spells and massive amounts of token production with the nest of scarabs.

Just a quick deck build that I came up with. The idea is in the description of the deck where I'll be utilizing -1/-1 counters to the advantage of the larger creatures in the deck. Feel free to post comments, ideas and critiques on this build. I built it merely for brainstorming and subject matter for discussion.

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