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Topics - Eladamri, Lord of Leaves

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    Thank you for the great service, its definetely a neat deck organiser!
    Within the near future I will keep track of some more decks and possible lists.

    Although I am fairly new to online deck building, your website provides lots of options for visualisation and list ordering. I like the statistics header as well.
    Nevertheless I would like to share some ideas, maybe others would benefit from these suggestions too.

    • Is there a way to save my chosen column order at your server? So that I see the same sequence at my next login, without browser cookie?
    • Could you provide additional options to choose columns or en/disable at user preference? In my example I do not need the two prices but would rather order the list by creature strength. Not sure if your database already contains the necessary data... [implemented] user settings
    • By any chance, maybe I just miss the switch: how can I add cards to a 3rd list, like a so-called maybeboard? Let me explain this idea, for published decklists or collaborations to build a deck a different websites, sharing by email or such another list of possible cards for a specific deck would improve a missed aspect: deck creation. So you can store different ideas at the same "place" (within the decklist), but without adding a section to the maindeck and tampering with statistics. I am not sure if your provided Discuss feature is an appropriate section. [implemented]
    • My preliminary last idea is regarding the Revisions: as I didn't post a final list and after correcting errors I see lots of obsolete versions, which do not necessarily reflect interesting changes. So I would like to delete selected.
    • Another addition to my list:
      after constructing a deck at save deck popup you can choose a tournament format. I think Highlander ist not exactly the same as EDH / Commander, so maybe you can add this option as well? [implemented] - Although this makes even more sense if you could search for specific decks given certain parameters... dreaming on. [implemented]
    • Additional wish: non public decks could be shared by link, as base for discussions to publish a final version.
    • While creating some folders for my decks I would like to see a number in brackets behind its name to show how many deck lists are stored. [implemented]
    Hope you do not mind my excessive list, however you can read this as highest form of commendation.

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