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Deck Reviews / [Standard] Final Jodah Pocket Monsters
« on: April 28, 2018, 10:16:03 pm »

This deck is designed around having Jodah becoming a Pokemon trainer. His Pokemon are big dinosaurs like Zacama, and Gishath. This is a 5 color deck but I think I have the mana base feeling decently consistent so that's good. basically windmill slam huge creatures turn 4-6 with ramp and shenanigans. This is meant to be a more casual deck but if you would like to try and make a competetive version of it I would love to see it. Also it's my first standard deck ever.

WUBRG "Cheatstuffintoplay"

To ramp hard, cheat big dumb stuff into play as fast as possible, that's what this deck is all about! The only problem is the mana base and sideboard. I'm fairly new to standard and really want to make a fun silly deck to bring to FNM. Would love some feedback/help with the sideboard and land base! Yes I know there are no lands yet.

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