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Deck Comments / Re: Permission - Comments
« on: May 09, 2014, 12:38:35 am »
There is really a various ways to win.

You will never run out of spells due the Feldon's Cane. And You only need the Rainbow Efreet to win.

This is a classic deck, make for a tournament in 1998 by Randy Buelher; In that time, there no exist affinity, allies or things that trigger when you cast a spell, or really really more agro; Now is only a curiosity.

The objective of this deck is stay alive, counter each spell or creature that can make you meet  problem; If your opponent at same moment makes so powerfull than you, it's time to call the power of one Nevynirral's Disk and clean the plane.

To finnish him, you have a rainbow efreet, a 3/1 creature with fliying, and with phases out, when something going to exterminate her (like your own Nevynirral's Disk), UU and puff, she will return at your next manintenace.

You can use also the Stalking stones or substitute it with Faerie's Conclaves. Lands that change to creatures for a mana cost.

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