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Commander Discussion / Re: Rule 0 lurrus companion
« on: April 08, 2021, 07:35:53 am »
Deck direction was another issue I was having. I love playing a value game. As for color identity our group doesn't care if I go big with it. So if i were to only partner with thrasios I'd gain blue/black/green and white.
The hardest choice comes down to color atm. If i go the life gain stacks route (which seems fun) who should I go with? Thrasios? It would give me green for a bit more reach . Or add red for a bit more aggro and be able to use things like kroxa and valki for late game?
If i add red here are some slots I'd consider-
Kargan dragonlord
Dragon master outcast
Dragon kin berserker
Impulsive pilferer

If i go lifegain  stacks for value
Hydroid krasis
Nissa , steward of elements
Grim flayer

Real choice first tho is the partners or commander for theme.

Commander Discussion / Re: Rule 0 lurrus companion
« on: April 07, 2021, 06:53:21 pm »
As long as the group is having fun  who cares what rule 0 is? It's made to be broken in playgroups. So back to original topic..... using lurrus as a companion I need some advice on on who to companion with. Thrasios/x seems good for casting hydroid krasis a bunch for card advantage and power. But going just black/red/white (like with jari) allows me to to cast aristocrats style cards. Problem is I can't figure it out as am having trouble finding good 2 drops to fill spots depending on color. I have the good stuff (hexdrinker, valki, kroxa, krasis, dragon master outcast) but can't figure out too much creature base post that.

Commander Discussion / Re: Rule 0 lurrus companion
« on: April 07, 2021, 05:34:42 am »
Akiri was up there in choice as it does give red and white for things like FoD and dragon master outcast. But with rule 0 break, I was considering more like thrasios/akiri. Something like that for color diversity.

Commander Discussion / Re: Rule 0 lurrus companion
« on: April 05, 2021, 02:06:34 am »
My apologies.  I'm just looking for help with slots and some inspiration for the right commander. It's a tough choice

Commander Discussion / Re: Rule 0 lurrus companion
« on: April 05, 2021, 01:26:02 am »
Then allow me to clarify. We're using rule 0 to build decks we want: like with lurrus being able to be used without fully matching color identity as in standard and such. So my thoughts were to build something with lurrus as a companion with more colors, similar to lurrus jund from standard or even with 2 partners and lurrus .

Commander Discussion / Re: Rule 0 lurrus companion
« on: April 04, 2021, 12:01:02 pm »
See rule 0 in commander. We can play what we want as long as the group is ok with it.

Commander Discussion / Rule 0 lurrus companion
« on: April 04, 2021, 11:01:09 am »
Our playgroup has decided to use  rule 0 to have some fun again in commander. I decided to build lurrus with either radha (ts) or thrasios/akiri for 5 color. I'm having trouble deciding between the 2 as there's a ton of variance of play. I need some advice. Should i go smaller 4 color or 5 color? Or cut red and go thrasios? Its hard as red and blue are the 2 colors I'm fighting over if i go smaller. It's a choice basically between kroxa/valki or  nissa (steward of elements)/hydroid krasis. Any recommendations are welcome. Thanks.

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