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Deckstats Feedback / Re: Card Database
« on: July 31, 2023, 11:08:51 am »

Lifecrafter's Bestiary in the WPN 2023 Version is missing in the database.
Is the version listed here not correct?

This is the correct version.
However, when I try to add it to my collection from the Manage Inventory Screen, I am not offered this version.
Thanks for pointing me there.

Deckstats Feedback / Re: Card Database
« on: July 27, 2023, 08:06:36 am »

Lifecrafter's Bestiary in the WPN 2023 Version is missing in the database.

Deckstats Feedback / Re: Card Database
« on: July 10, 2023, 10:29:28 am »

the latest addition to "The List" seems to be missing.
All That Glitters    ELD
Ancestral Memories    POR
Ancient Spider    PLS
Angelheart Vial    ROE
Arcane Melee    C13
Baird, Steward of Argive    DAR
Barrow Ghoul    WTH
Barrow Witches    ELD
Battleflight Eagle    M13
Battlewand Oak    LRW
Blossom Prancer    NEO
Bog Wraith    M10
Budoka Gardener    CHK
Commandeer    CSP
Counterlash    DKA
Courage in Crisis    WAR
Court of Grace    CMR
Crush the Weak    KHM
Darien, King of Kjeldor    CSP
Dauntless Dourbark    LRW
Denying Wind    PCY
Dolmen Gate    LRW
Doom Cannon    ONS
Doomed Traveler    2X2
Doomsday Specter    PLS
Dwarven Bloodboiler    JUD
Dwarven Grunt    ODY
Dwarven Miner    MIR
Earnest Fellowship    ODY
Elven Palisade    EXO
Elven Warhounds    TMP
Empyrean Eagle    M20
Evil Eye of Urborg    TSP
Exhaustion    POR
Eye of Doom    C13
Far Traveler    CLB
Forbidding Watchtower    10E
Forebear's Blade    DAR
Fortifying Provisions    ELD
Gather Courage    M15
Generous Gift    MH1
Ghastlord of Fugue    SHM
Glittering Stockpile    SNC
Gluttonous Troll    STX
Grim Strider    AKH
Hoarding Dragon    IMA
Jared Carthalion, True Heir    CMR
Jinxed Ring    STH
Kenrith, the Returned King    ELD
Knight Exemplar    M11
Knight-Captain of Eos    ALA
Leaf-Crowned Elder    MOR
Mindlock Orb    ALA
Miner's Bane    M15
Murasa Ranger    BFZ
Nemata, Grove Guardian    PLS
Oaken Brawler    LRW
Oath of Scholars    EXO
Old Ghastbark    SHM
Orc Sureshot    FRF
Orcish Artillery    10E
Pitiless Horde    DTK
Rakdos Riteknife    DIS
Rayne, Academy Chancellor    UDS
Reforge the Soul    AVR
Ring of Three Wishes    M14
Stormwatch Eagle    PCY
Stroke of Genius    USG
Sword of Vengeance    M11
Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves    WAR
Tower of Calamities    SOM
Tower of Fortunes    MRD
Traveler's Cloak    CNS
Unstoppable Ash    MOR
Wheel of Torture    ULG

Deckstats Feedback / Art Series cards changing collector numbers
« on: May 29, 2023, 06:45:16 am »
Hi there,

I am tracking my Art Seriers Cards as well as the other cards with What is annoying though is that the numbering of those cards seems to change for most of the sets. One example with March of the Machine. When the Art Series list first appeared the numbering of those cards was 1s, 2s, 3s, and so on. Now I wanted to add a few cards and noticed the the numbering is now 1,2,3, ... This leads to the cards not showing in the Set overview, they are however still in the database (with the now non-existant collector numbers). The only fix I found so far for me is to remove the complete set from the collection only to add it again with the new numbering, just to see them in the set overview.
There were sets that started with both version and merged to one and sets moving from one numbering scheme to the other. So far I could not discern a pattern. I see two options to fix this.
1. Make Deckstats agnostic to the letter s in the numbering of the Art Cards.
2. Add a function to renumber the cards (like the deduplication), should the orignal numbering become invalid.
I would prefer the second option.


Deckstats Feedback / Feature Request: Option to ignore Arena Cards
« on: April 24, 2023, 03:52:26 pm »
Hi there,

When calculating the completeness of a set, could you please implement an option to ignore the Arena cards?
It would help in quickly judging if there are cards missing in the set from a paper collectors point of view.
e.g. he Brothers' War expansion shows 99% complete, when you do not include the A-199 A-Haywire Mite card.

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