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[en] Deck Review Requests / [Modern] Collective Undead
« on: September 12, 2018, 07:16:57 pm »
Collective Undead

Its a zombie collected company deck. pretty simple curve out with zombies and then collective company for more zombies/lords and go for the kill.

The best standard decks always float around at $200-300, Mono red has been an acception at like $150 and I think that you can play standard on a competative level for less that $100 if you want to although I think that shock lands are one of the most worth while investments to buy into if you are a player. After this they will all be hovering around $7-12 and be easy to pick up and they are critical for modern to. I don't think you have to much to worry about unless fetches get printed which I don't think they will not while all 10 shocks are in standard. that would make playing standard as expensive as modern is. Even the most played rares in standard are little more that $15, mythics tend to be much more expensive. I think standard price will probably float at about the same level it has it might go up a bit more but not to much.

[en] General Magic Forum / Re: How has your play style changed over time?
« on: September 03, 2018, 11:23:52 pm »
I started out playiny the elspeth duel deck that was a mono white solider token deck. to playing a mono black kill deck that was just like 4 murder, 4 terror, 4 doom blade, and a couple other kill spells with like overlord of the damned as a win con, then after that it was like blue red spells. Now I think I like playing fun spell based decks or aggro, although I do like playing control it is fun. I find that I like playing a vareity of decks, but I love synergy that is all ways fun. I dunno I went from playing murder and raise the alarm to playing thermo alchemist and counterspell. also monastery mentor that card is busted for sure i love that card.

[en] General Magic Forum / Re: A Casual Among Tryhards
« on: August 28, 2018, 06:27:41 am »
So I haven’t had an experience like this at my LGS luckily but I know I probably will have a similar experience in the future. I think that a reasonable way to handle this if you go to a new LGS and introduce yourself as some one who is a casual player but knows the game well and is just looking to for a group of people to play with you might get a better response. For me that is the scary part. I don’t play a whole lot at my LGS just because the one I like to go to is a bit farther than the closer one, the closer one I don’t know anybody there but I buy cards there occasionally because it is the same store owner as the other. But I know that the further one I am always welcome and the staff recognize me. If even being polite doesn’t work and they are just assholes the screw them and screw the store they should do a better job of being welcoming. Just because an LGS has a super tight player clique doesn’t mean that the staff can be welcoming and help bring in new people and get them playing too. What I did was I taught my dad and my best friend how to play and we play commander and causally together all the time. I have like 3 or 4 other friends who also play and they play with us occasionally. If not you may have to travel a bit further to find a better LGS with a friendlier community

sgm is more of a casual card in like weird edh burn decks to double your damage. it has its place in a select few decks.  also it goes infinite with time walk in vintage

but you do make a very good point and it does get cut from a lot of lists sadly.

[en] General Magic Forum / Pauper side boards
« on: August 16, 2018, 11:19:07 pm »
So I love playing pauper online and and I kinda built my own pauper burn deck but the list is almost identical to a lot of other pauper burn decks but its a fun deck so i don't really mind. However i net decked the side board because I didn't really know what to do.
here is my list

The side board however is really kinda bad its built to beat tron, blue decks, affinity, and elves. But the deck I play most against is mono black decks either control, gary devotion decks, aristocrats, or other stuff.
now for the most part my match up against mono black decks is pretty good I usually out pace them really quickly even with the couple of set up turns I need to play archer and thermo. Maybe I don't need to have side board pieces for mono black but this board feels very clogged and not particularly versatile.

But it does feel really good when you electrickery a whole board of elves and or tokens

[en] Deck Review Requests / Re: [Pauper] Pauper Burn
« on: August 16, 2018, 11:07:34 pm »

Revision 3

Added/removed cards:
-4 Searing Blaze
+3 Viashino Pyromancer

Changed amounts:
+1 Forgotten Cave

sgm is good in some edh decks, boros sunspeaker it never gets cut there but yeah in other formats its kinda eh

I like guttersnipe in a casual like burn/storm deck where u play stuff like thermo alchemist fire brand archer guttersnipe and tones of burn and draw spells

[en] Deck Review Requests / [Standard] SBMtG budget Mono black burn
« on: August 12, 2018, 03:51:29 am »
SBMtG budget Mono black burn

Dev’s 5$ fall 2018 rotation proof deck with some of my on modifications I have replaced walk the plank with cast down, and added 2 field of ruin and a scavenger grounds because I have those cards already without my additions it’s like 5-10$ and test have been really successful it’s an awesome deck

So this is one of my favorite things to do and this post is inspired by Dev from STBMtG's recent $5 mono black rotation proof burn deck video.

In the video he says the at Vampire Sovereign is basically a reprint of siege rhino, its really not but if you squint really hard like he says to it yeah it kinda is not really.

LSV also does this when he does draft videos and stuff and I have some of my own

Ghitu lavarunner is basically goblin guide at common, gearsmith prodigy is also kind of a blue goblin guide, bone picker is basically a delver of secrets.

I can't remember some of the more ridiculous lsv ones but he has had some wild ones for sure. What about you guys do you have cards that could be interpreted as a far better card.

[en] General Magic Forum / Re: Arixmethes edh crowd source
« on: August 11, 2018, 08:56:27 pm »
yeah also all the land enchanments that double a lands mana with all the untap effects is always good. Also growing rites of itlamac is a good budget alternative to cradle

murder is one that never makes my cut its great for casual play but being double black makes it kinda hard and 3 mana in standard can be a lot, although instant speed makes it far more playable. also I always want to jam like mana flare, or heartbeat of spring into my decks but usually giving my opponents a bunch of mana is never worth it.

[en] General Magic Forum / Re: Arixmethes edh crowd source
« on: August 11, 2018, 08:29:53 pm »
As a response to the ramp that Wolff and Soren suggested I steered away from the green mana elves and stuff although birds is probably fine because of how hungry the deck is for blue mana. alot of the big fatty leviathans and stuff are mostly blue mana and I don't know that elves are great in this deck yeah they tap for green and maybe the  deck ends up heavy green to start with then end game blue heavy so some like cryptolith rite to make the elves tap for blue isn't a bad idea. Although while putting my preliminary list together it felt like a mono blue deck splashing green almost. I may be wrong I don't know

Also breeding pool is probably not a bad idea for this deck. and unfortunately I think the only other U/G duel is trop and that's not really an option.

[en] General Magic Forum / Re: Arixmethes edh crowd source
« on: August 10, 2018, 08:02:56 pm »
I build a first draft list for this guy the other day I don't think all of the cards are under $5 but here is my list this is the first draft and it needs alot of work still so yeah

This deck is going to be really hungry for blue mana so the ramp my friend and I were thinking of going towards was land enchantments like fertile ground and utopia sprawl with a lot of untap target land effects. also this deck really benefits from island walk so cards like spreading seas are definitely worth it.

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