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About Deckstats / Re: New: Deckbuilder Improvements
« on: December 17, 2019, 03:14:12 pm »
Could you please add Historic as an option for formats in the deckbuilder tool. I'm not sure if this is already in the works or not, but it would be a great help for myself and I'm thinking many others as well.

General Magic / Historic: Did WotC sabotage it on purpose?
« on: December 05, 2019, 03:44:16 pm »
I'm not a conspiracy kinda guy, but something stinks here. Have any of you tried playing Historic yet on Arena? My advice, don't! If you like playing against Oko, Nissa, and/or Field of the Dead on repeat then fill your boots. That is the meta. Horrible games. Not a single card banning. The format is dead out of the gate. So you might say "why would WotC want that"? Here are the reasons:

1) WotC wants people buying product on there all the time. It is the cash cow, the golden goose (honk). Historic requires a few wildcards here or there, but you can really just sit on your collection and play with older decks. If Historic is weak then people play standard and if you play standard you need to be building your collection at all times.

2) But they created the Historic Anthology to "Rollout" the format. They did and this is why it is so stupid for them to let the format die. Once a quarter this would have been a major influx of cash. Through in a few crazy reprints and grab some quick cash. Profits baby. If the format stinks then I'm not going to buy cards I can't play in standard. 1+1=0?

3) Then why do Historic at all? Because the player base would have lost their flippin minds if it didn't get developed. So you make the format, but you just allow it to be bad. Later you can say "well the player base just wasn't into it". Nope, you never banned the same cards you banned in standard (or even in Pioneer) therefore making it unplayable.

4) How do you fix it? Ban the cards that were banned in standard. That is all. hard work, right?

5) Maybe they have their focus on other things, lots of products on the go. Well, they can make time to research and ban cards in Pioneer every Monday. I'm sure they can get one person to pull up some numbers on the percentages for Historic and see they need to ban Field of the Dead, Oko, Veil of Summer, and Once Upon a Time. There, I just did your research.

6) Why introduce Historic and Pioneer in the same quarter? Just stupid. Really stupid. So many Arena players migrated back to MTGO to play Pioneer. I'm Arena only, but I have to admit I'm longing for some Pioneer online. Historic could be that. Pioneer completely destroyed any push that Historic could have had. Historic had to come when it did, the player base needed an answer for what was going to happen to their rotating cards. Pioneer could have waited until after Christmas or close to summer in that standard low point that comes every year. I doubt WotC did Pioneer so close to Historic just to crush it, but it doesn't look like much thought went into it either. Let's announce two non-rotating formats on each of our platforms at the same time. We will put every effort into ensuring one thrives, so much so we do weekly bannings. For the other, no bannings and may we never talk about it again until next quarter when we sell another Historic Anthology. Might be dead by then. 

Arena has one playable format, standard. Saying you can play bo1 or bo3 does not make it two individual formats. Brawl is not a real secondary format, you can't even play it all the time. You get my cash anyway, give me a second format for when standard is dull as turds. Rant over.

Deck Reviews / Re: [Pioneer] Calamitous Impact (Pioneer on a Budget)
« on: November 28, 2019, 06:21:58 pm »
I think Ramunap Ruins is worth adding. Taking a few pings is worth it since you are all-in aggro.

I'm not sold on Siege-Gang Commander. Unless you have a Skirk Prospector, you are very unlikely to get this cast most games. Seems bad to play a card so reliant on another card in an aggressive deck. Also, if your opponent is going to kill any early game creature it is going to be Skirk Prospector over a 1/1 token. I guess the plan with Siege Gang Commander is to sacrifice your board to get him out after the game stalls, but that works against Cavalcade. He is probably amazing with Impact Tremors, but a lot weaker with Cavalcade.

The deck feels like it needs a cheap instant speed anthem effect to boost your attacks, however there is not a whole lot  available. Most options don't work with Cavalcade. If you splashed red or green there are multiple options, but I get that goes against the budget. Have you considered cutting Cavalcade and going into Reckless Bushwhacker territory. Still on budget and gives you the anthem the deck is missing (also a Goblin).

The deck is sweet, but it just feels like it is missing that one card to put it over the top. Hard nut to crack.

Deck Comments / Re: Trying to Solve Best of 1 - Comments
« on: November 22, 2019, 01:30:53 pm »
Thanks. I write these descriptions up for myself mostly. I'm glad they were useful to someone else. I find when I write out the reasons I'm playing each card and what I'm trying to accomplish I actually build much better decks. Allows me to see cards that don't quite fit or see elements that the original deck is lacking.

General Magic / Re: Historic format issues day 1.
« on: November 20, 2019, 05:16:46 pm »
Historic goes back as far as Ixalan. 9 sets total (previous standard +Throne of Eldraine) and also 20 cards they are introducing into the format that players can buy playsets of for $20. These look like they will be released once per quarter. Nice little WotC cash influx in down times between sets, very crafty on their part and whoever came up with it deserves a nice Christmas bonus (something better tha na gift box lol.)

They look like they are going to follow the model of pioneer bannings, however pioneer had such a big card pool that it was hard to predict which cards would be overpowered. Historic's overpowered or punishing to play cards are: Nexus of Fate, Teferi Hero of Dominaria, Field of the Dead, Oko Thief of Crowns, Veil of Summer, and Once Upon a Time. In other words all the cards that were banned in standard and Teferi (should have been banned due to horrible gameplay). They should have just banned those out the gate and moved on from there.

General Magic / Historic format issues day 1.
« on: November 20, 2019, 04:30:44 pm »
Historic is rolling out tomorrow, and I guess we Arena players are suppose to be excited. I even tried to start deckbuilding for the format, but I pumped the brakes quick. The format has one major issue: nothing is banned.

Historic is going to be an ugly format starting out. We are going to see Field of the Dead, Oko, and Nexus of Fate dominate early on. Maybe a touch of mono-red at the top as well. Ugly format that I want no part of. The format needs to ban Oko, Nexus, Field, Veil of Summer, and Once Upon a Time and then it might be worth looking at.


General Magic / Re: Does anyone know helpful sites to build decks?
« on: October 09, 2019, 06:23:41 pm »
I feel WotC has addressed some of brawl's issues as a format:
1)  Printing cards that are designed specifically for brawl
2) Printing more legendary creatures in a variety of colors (in every set)
3) Printing precons to help jump start ease of entry.

The main issue, as I see it from my experience, was the mana bases. If you want to play three color decks you need to offer more "dual" lands. Every set should have a common cycle of two-colored lands, in all 10 pairings, to help this issue (they also must not have the same name as lands already in the format, they can be the same card even, just change the names). If you cannot commit 10 slots in common each set to help the format thrive then get out of the business of the format. I get it will have an effect on limited, but doesn't improved mana help limited as well? The problem comes with trying to balance standard, limited, and brawl in the same set. Maybe, stop printing some of the pure garbage commons that show up in every set and give them to cards that are brawl playable. WotC is trying, but you either have to be in or out on providing cards for the format each set. We will see.

Thanks, I'll give it a test run the next time I play the deck.

Deck Comments / Re: RDW-Updated v20190524 - Comments
« on: May 24, 2019, 04:20:02 pm »
Sorry, listed under Legal Creature lol.

Deck Comments / Re: RDW-Updated v20190524 - Comments
« on: May 24, 2019, 04:19:18 pm »
Why are you not running any Experimental Frenzy or Runaway Steam-Kin?

Deck Comments / Re: Oketra Zombielord - Comments
« on: May 24, 2019, 04:13:11 pm »
Cool list. Why not play Isolated Chapel? And do you find you have trouble hitting your land drops each turn. A deck that high on the curve probably is going to want at least 4/5 more lands.

General Magic / Re: The Strongest Deck Tech - mtg arena
« on: May 06, 2019, 07:27:17 pm »
You have a list that is working for you? Don't see a link to a deck.

I'm wondering how this is going to shape up for standard. The format is in a really good place right now, not sure flooding it with planeswalkers is the right move. The format tends to be at its best when PW's are at a minimum.

On the flip side, if the goal is to do a ton of watered down PW's does that take some of the shine off them moving forward.

I think doing them as masterpieces would be cool, but to have them in the main set is risky business.

General Magic / Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers
« on: March 14, 2019, 04:47:52 pm »
I found it very interesting that these two cards were chosen as the first of the set. Both great card designs. Cabal Therapists is an excellent balance of playable card and flavor. Serra has the nostalgia factor mixed with fringe playability.

I think this is the perfect way to go for the set, to introduce cards that will have a home in fringe decks and/or have lots of flavor. Stay away from format altering cards. Just give cards that people can test with in tier 2/3 decks and give us a few answers to problem cards. Throw in a few cool reprints and you have a solid set.

With all that said I'm waiting for the big splashy card(s). Totally broken reprints that drive sales and get people talking. It's just the WotC way. As suggested by many, I expect to see Force of Will (I'm just thinking of the use of JtMS in Masters). It just makes a lot of sense from a sales and marketing standpoint.

General Magic / Re: The problem I'm facing with Arena
« on: March 06, 2019, 02:19:40 pm »
I think if you haven't been playing since the launch and you do not enjoy drafting then building up a collection in Arena is daunting. That may be the issue for me. I have lots of cards from Rav block, but little else (unless I used Wildcards for them). One positive is when standard rotation comes I will be in a good place going forward. That is a long way away though.

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