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Deck Reviews / Re: [Casual] New player, help with sealed deck
« on: May 21, 2016, 01:40:31 am »
So, just talking to myself a bit here:

It seems kindof hard to make a really focused deck out of just 5 packs, so I expect I'll probably need to look for overall synergy. Some cards that seem to lend to each other:

-Loam Dryad and Aim High could provide a nasty surprise
-Fork in the road, Corrupted Grafstone, Port Town, Stoic Builder give some flexibility in mana, which would allow me to put a splash of a 4th color in either deck - either some red in the white/blue/green, or possible black into either. Throttle and Tooth Collector both benefit from having a 4th color.
-I have a fair number of spirits, and flying could be really useful
-Tamiyo's Journal might work well with Ongoing Investigation? Seems to lend itself more to the white deck, given that I can sacrifice a clue token for Pious Evangel. Graf Mole might allow for a lot of life gain, and given the potential for getting a lot of land on the field, card draw ought to be pretty good.
-Hope against hope could work in either (as a splash in the red deck)
-Haunted Cloak looks neat but I can't think of any specific synergies with it.
-Ulrich's Kindred looks amazing
-Geistblast could work nicely with some other spells, but I'd like to know, does it work with Burn from Within?

My biggest concern with having 4 colors is how slow the deck might become. I've never played a 4+ color deck before.

Deck Reviews / [Casual] New player, help with sealed deck
« on: May 21, 2016, 01:00:59 am »
Hi all, new MTG player here. I'm somewhat familiar with deck building, having played some Hearthstone, but a lot of the subtleties of MTG are lost on me so far. I'm starting to get into a local group, and have just entered into a casual (5 pack) sealed deck tournament. A lot of the other players are significantly more experienced than I am, so I don't feel bad about going online for help assembling my deck and asking for some advice on how to play it.

EDIT: I should add, the tournament does not have a prize, other than pride in winning.

Here are the cards I got from my 5 (Innistrad) packs:

My (n00b) immediate thoughts were that I wanted green in my deck for the mana flexibility and land advantage, blue for some harassment and removal, and most of my artifacts. What I've yet to decide is if I want to go red/green/blue with most of the werewolves, or red/green/white with humans, and if it's worth having a splash of black in either.

Of the two players who typically win our tournaments, one almost always goes heavily blue, with lots of scry and deck manipulation (when he can), while the other has shown flexibility in producing some truly awful decks from all colors, but is typically not known for playing very fast ones.

So I'm not asking you guys to completely build my deck for me, here's my scratchpad for a G/W/Blu deck:

^ I currently have 31 cards without land and would like to get it down to 23 or so, but I'm struggling to pare it down.

Here's my scratchpad R/G/Blue deck:

^ I currently have 34 cards in this one without land.

Here's a link to my spare cards:

Any help would be appreciated!

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