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Deck Comments / Re: jeskai geist - Comments
« Last post by ccevik on Today at 10:59:09 PM »

-Sphinxes Revelation is more a full-control card. Jeskai Geist is a very flexible tempo-control deck but isn't fully on the grindy plan as it seems. I'd cut this and one spell snare to change for two logic knots or remands. It supports your plan more/earlier.
-Three Helixes are the best numbers for this card. I wouldnt want a playset but the lifegain is nice and needed, so I run three copies.
- Test two Spell Quller in this deck! A flying and punching 'semi-counterspell' is super awesome and helps protecting your Geist!
- I think three copies of Cryptic Command is a bit too much. You dont want to get into situations where you hold three Commands early game. I run two and is the right mix after many games of testing!

Hope I could give some advice ^^
Deck Comments / jeskai geist - Comments
« Last post by Comment Bot on Today at 10:59:07 PM »
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Deck Comments / Re: Jeskai Geist - Comments
« Last post by ccevik on Today at 10:49:45 PM »
Hello there!

I'm Jeskai Geist player and thought you could need some advice! ^^

-I would cut one Steam Vents and Hallowed Fountain. Too many shocks are very painful and you have to play cautious with your lifepoints in many matchups. I recommend replacing them with Sulfur falls and Glacial Fortress!
-Running a couple of remands will grant you a good tempo play (especially in these midrangy decks these days). I wouldnt go full playset with these because they can be pretty bad against super efficient decks like zoo and affinity.
- A playset of Helixes is a bit too much for me, I run three and have no problems with it and can make place for a flex-spot to test new cards or run another counter, like Spell Snare!
- Sepll Snare as a one-of can be a major swing in your favor, especially if you're on the draw and can counter the turn 2 play of your opponent.
- Sword of Fire and Ice is too slow in my books. Sure, it is a really good equipment, but you have to commit too many resources and tempo to hit that and connect it to a creature. Additionaly, many decks play artifact removal mainboard, naming Kolaghans Command as an example.
- Cryptic Command is, hands down, a true powerhouse in this deck. It is so versatile, I run two copies. You have to run two copies. Everyone has to run two copies. Word. :D

If you dont know the YouTube Channel "The Great Nate" - it's THE resource for everything Jeskai Geist related. Worth a watch and very educating!
Hope it helps :D
Deck Comments / Jeskai Geist - Comments
« Last post by Comment Bot on Today at 10:49:42 PM »
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If so which cards should be removed? If not a good option what else is good?

If you look at Lost Legacy you'll see that you can only target non-artefact spells, which won't do much about a Mardu Vehicles like Ladof mentioned. Not just because of Heart of Kiran and Aethersphere Harvester are artefacts, but because of the reoccurring threats, Unlicensed Disintegration only needs an artefact as well as Toolcraft Exemplar and Inventor's Apprentice, so if you take away one, another one exists to take its place, and all you've done is delayed the player, temporarily.

I don't believe that Lost Legacy would be that useful for the Saheeli combo, you can use it only on turn 3, which is when Saheeli comes into play, assuming you've gone first. Then you have turn 4 to cast it to either remove Felidar Guardian or Saheeli, assuming that neither are on the field. The best defence against that deck would be to sideboard Authority of the Consuls into your main deck, because Felidar Guardian would come into play tapped, thus circumventing the combo.
Deck Comments / Re: Leviathan deck. trying to be fast... Help? - Comments
« Last post by lobium on Today at 10:32:33 PM »
i have a ula temple deck and i play with this

Clockspinning  for have fast 3 counters on ula

Sage of Epityr, serum vision, telling time, Halimar Depths for controll draw step for ula

Inkwell Leviathan (shroud its great), Simic Sky Swallower, Stormtide Leviathan and Wrexial, the Risen Deep

you can also use some spells with proliferate
Deck Comments / Re: Jhoira of the Ghitu - Comments
« Last post by tognur on Today at 10:22:32 PM »
Added/removed cards:
-1 Cultural Exchange
+1 Day's Undoing
Deck Comments / Re: Zombie Puppets - Comments
« Last post by DelverMage on Today at 09:36:54 PM »
What I have here is a deck that works quite consistently and effectively.  It is not Tier 1 material, but at the same time, I have taken down 4 Color Cat, Mardu Vehicles, AND G/B Delirium with it.
The perfect start looks like:

   Turn 1: Swamp which is tapped for a Sinister Concoction.
Fatal Push is not bad if you are on the Draw, or if you are playing Mardu or B/G Constricter decks.  Crypt Breaker or Renegade Map better than no first turn play, but if I have Evolving Wilds in my hand, I may play that first turn and hold the other two cards.

   Turn 2: Island and tap both land for a Metalspinner’s Puzzleknot.  If you have Implement of Malice, that could be played as well, but the puzzleknot gets you another card to start.

   Turn 3: Sunken Hollow (or any other basic land) and tap out for a Cultivator’s Caravan.  You could immediately tap that for any additional 1 mana permanents, or to keep around to start some removal with either Fatal Push or Sinister Concoction trigger.  Remember to toss a zombie when discarding, if you have the choice.

   Turn 4: Evolving Wilds on turn 4 is good, if we have the Cultivator’s Caravan on the board.  This is the set up turn, where various options can be utilized.  But, at this point we want to do what we can to make sure that we have Delerium.  By now there should be an Instant (Fatal Push), a Land (Evolving Wilds), an Artifact (Renegade Map or Implement of Malice), and an Enchantment (Sinister Concoction).  Likely there is a creature too, from Sinister Concoction’s discard requirement, plus whatever got pulled off your library.

   Turn 5: Play any land, except for Evolving Wilds.  Tap all 5 plus the caravan to play Marionette Master, and use the three +1/+1 token option.  That makes him a 4/6.  From here on out, every artifact we sacrifice causes 4 damage to our opponent.  (Don’t do it yet……)

   Turn 6: Play any land and then enchant Marionette Master with Strange Augmentation.  With Delirium active, the master becomes a 7/9.  Sacrifice 2 artifacts causing 7 damage each to your opponent, (or 3 for the win) and attack with Marionette Master for the win.

Now, obviously, a real game is not going to flow as nicely as this and other plays are going to have to be made.  Each one keeps you alive until you can get this thread in place.  The nice thing about this deck is that there is alternate win conditions.  The recurring zombie army may well finish off your opponent before the Marionette Master gets a chance to bash their head in.  Often, it will be a combination of both.

Zombie Puppets boasts 8 removal spells main board, 4 mana fixer/accelerants, 8 card draw cards (that can play more like 12 with the Metalspinner’s Puzzleknot), and 9 zombies that just refuse to stay in the graveyard!

There is enough discard and sacrifice abilities to ensure an early delirium, and then Strange Augmentation turns any one of your creatures into a staunch defender or devastating attacker!

Cryptbreaker is an enabler, that can put Prized Amalgam into the graveyard while providing a zombie token.  It can also be an instant delirium trigger by discarding the 4th card type at instant speed.

[Side story:  My favorite victory with this deck to date is when I attacked with a 6/8 Marionette Master with two Strange Augmentations on it.  In response to the attack announcement they played Torrential Gearhulk intending to block.  I don’t remember which instant they tried, because I triggered a Metalspinner’s Puzzleknot.  That gave me delirium, then I triggered Renegade Map.  The Marionetter Master became a 10/10 and my opponent died to the two sacrificed artifacts before the blocker step even began.]

I will be back to discuss the sideboard.
Deck Comments / Zombie Puppets - Comments
« Last post by Comment Bot on Today at 09:36:49 PM »
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Deck Comments / Re: Elemental Dragons - Comments
« Last post by loki.niffelheim on Today at 09:34:11 PM »
Why do you say so?
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