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Perhaps Final Fortune instead of Last Chance, as it is the same exact thing except at instant speed. Also I believe it is slightly cheaper. (Not that either were expensive compared to a play set of black lotus's)
IT's no problem, if you need anything else let us all know. We'd be glad to help you.
[en] Deck Review Requests / Re: G/B/R Jund Hapatra Tier 1 (hopefully?)
« Last post by G. Moto on Today at 03:05:41 AM »
Glad that I can help.
[en] General Magic Forum / Plansewalkers and the Stack
« Last post by Red_Wyrm on Today at 02:59:59 AM »
Hello everybody.

I have a question about priority during the main phase, but I'm not sure how to ask it so I'll give an example instead.

I have Nicol Bolas out. It is my main phase. My opponent lightning bolt's him on my main phase. My thinking is that even though the bolt is an instant, I have priority and can therefore declare that I am using Bolas's +3 ability before my opponent has the chance to cast a bolt. Is this correct? Thank you.
Thank you so much for the advice! I will definitely be on the lookout for your post. I'm going to give it more thought and come back with a different Abzan deck. I'll send you a pm! Thanks again.
 That would be a good idea. Here's my suggestion to you: Creatures, Spells, Artifacts, Lands in this order. When you build your deck keep thee things in mind and go in order. I'll give you my reasoning on this:

Your deck is like your army and the creatures you use are your warriors. You can't roll into battle with big guns and not have any able bodied soldiers to wield those weapons. Sure you can make the deck auto pilot itself with burn spells but no weapon can out way the value of a good soldier. Besides no troops on the ground means that you'll be leaving yourself vulnerable to frontal attacks from the enemy. You want as mush defense as you can get, especially in an Abzan deck.

Your spells can either be the body of your deck or the support of your deck, it all depends on the build. I would Highly recommend having your spells be the support for this deck, that way your creatures will out last your opponent's army and you'll be able to keep them at a distance while eliminating possible threats as you need to.

Artifacts are not mandatory for every deck but depending on what you're playing it sure can come in handy. For example; Bontu's monument will make your Black creature spells cost less AND you get the life gain/ Drain off of your opponent just by playing creatures. If you focus on adding more black creatures you can play more in a single turn and it'll help tip the tide of battle in your favor long term.

Lands will come as you need them to and can be easily adjusted. Just make sure you don't have TOO many non-basic lands in your deck. Having all your lands come into play tapped will definitely slow down your deck too much so have a good mix of basic lands as well.

   I'm going to create an Abzan deck and I would like for you to comment on it and give me your opinion on it as well. I'll make it public in a post so that every one can see it, this way you get various opinions on the same build that you can learn from.
[en] Deck Review Requests / Re: G/B/R Jund Hapatra Tier 1 (hopefully?)
« Last post by tyler9219 on Today at 02:34:11 AM »
Awesome thank you for the options! Definitely going to use a couple of them!
[it] Richieste recensioni mazzi / Re: [Standard] zombie squad
« Last post by G. Moto on Today at 02:26:24 AM »
  Sultai Zombie life drain, I like it. If you add more ways to produce more zombies on the fly then you'll have a faster deck that can cover you more. For example, trespasser's curse can help balance out the life loss/life gain between you and the opponent. Cemetery recruitment will give you back vital creatures and even let you draw a card if the chosen creature is a zombies. Noosegraf mob would work in this deck because every time you play a spell  that's another zombie for your plague spreader to benefit from. From under the floorboards would be fantastic in this deck because it'll give you +X amount of zombies if you discard it. Honestly this deck could be built similar to the Sultai Brood from Khans of Tarkir. If you don't want to include the Naga just make it as Zombie tribal as possible. Just make sure you watch out from the graveyard hate that's around in this set.
I can replace the dissenters deliverance with Grasp of darkness. And just sideboard dissenters?
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