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Deck Comments / Re: Ghave - Comments
« Last post by xAzaras on Today at 05:33:31 pm »
how about some dual and utility lands?
Deck Comments / Ghave - Comments
« Last post by Comment Bot on Today at 05:33:31 pm »

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[fr] Demandes de Revues de Decks / Re: [Modern] abzan
« Last post by mickaelteyant on Today at 04:13:09 pm »

Revision 8

Changed amounts:
-1 (Main) +1 (SB) Collective Brutality
+1 (Main) -1 (SB) Maelstrom Pulse
Hoever, one thing you will notice immediately is that we now show mana costs next to each card name.

Could you make this optional ? Perhaps in the card table selection menu...
It's toooo much information in the overview. I got overwhelmed by it  :o
[de] Deck-Bewertungen / Re: [Standard] 4-Color Gate Crash
« Last post by Sn0wDoG on Today at 01:51:38 pm »

Revision 3

Added/removed cards:
-1 (SB) Deathgorge Scavenger
-3 (SB) Revitalize
-2 (SB) Sentinel Totem
+3 (SB) Expansion // Explosion
+2 (SB) Ixalan's Binding

Changed amounts:
+1 (SB) Crushing Canopy
-1 (SB) Deafening Clarion
+1 (SB) Rhythm of the Wild
Haha just kidding you already have surgical and the blue is doing good things in the sb. I would still say to replace paraiah with a discard outlet though. Maybe mb brutalities? They’re great against burn!
This is a very good start to a deck. I think that if you add another discard outlet (idk which though), you’ll have enough ways of cheating amalgam that you can get rid of the blue lands. With all that saved money, get yourself a surgical or two! Also, Voldaren paraiah looks a little diffult to pull off. I would replace it with whatever discard outlet you choose, and maybe add 1 now removal Spell?
[it] Richieste recensioni mazzi / [Modern] Izzet Phoenix
« Last post by Richiganze on Today at 10:58:16 am »
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