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@AresXtemE hey man - thanks for the feedback! You know what ... I guess you are right about the deckhands with the extra draw I d be able to get in some more milling but that is a risky move tbh. Because the deckhand with only 2 copies seems a bit risky with the glove. And putting in the rogue golves only for 1 target to hit is also a tricky move.

But then again if I switch out all Millstones and put in Tezzeret and 2 deckhands it may be worth a try.

Hi Ogaiht,

thanks for the positive feedback :)

Could you please explain why you would think that millstone is not a good idea for the deck?

I can see how 4 mill stones maybe being a bit much but removing them completely seems a bit over the top don t you think?

Deck Comments / Re: UW Milling - Comments
« on: July 18, 2018, 10:11:15 am »
Hi Tussitalah,

as much as I like the idea of the deck I think you ll be facing heavy issues with the early board control and mid game.

While you probably won't have that much issues controling the late game since you have enough card draw and control I still feel like at least 1 creature would be good as blocker or board threat.

Especially since there will be some decks there that simply put out 3 - 4 creatures on the board that keep hitting you in the face.

Unfortunately I don't see any way for your deck to deal with that.

So i would probably recommend maybe putting out some draw / control spells and get some blockers :)

Best regards

[de] Deck-Bewertungen / Re: Dantes Deck
« on: May 13, 2018, 07:46:22 pm »
cool deck - like the idea :) you thit the dante theme pretty sick man!

Deck Comments / Re: Elemample - Comments
« on: May 08, 2018, 03:08:55 pm »
Hey, thanks for sharing your results I've always wondered how certain "uncommon" decks do against the meta!

Well seems like your deck did a fairly good job.

If you consider pushing in some black you might wanna consider terminate best removal in R/B. (is what I'd normally say)

But then again considering your deck you may wanna go for a bone splinters? I think it would fit well into your deck and help you get the creature you want off the board really mana efficient.

What do you think?

Best regards

Deck Comments / Re: Elemample - Comments
« on: May 08, 2018, 11:45:25 am »
Hey man.

wow that's a pretty cool idea!

I like the way you use fling and crack the earth to get rid of the elementals you ll have to sac anyway.

Only one thing... Maybe you could use some more "sacrifice" stuff so you'll be more likely to draw into it?

Also did you test this deck against stall decks like life gain and or decks that play against aggro decks? :)

Nonetheless - that a pretty cool deck man!

Best regards

And due to the fact, that you'll be able to get your elements out pretty cheap you ll be able to afford the mana pretty neatly !

Deck Comments / Re: this is a furry household! - Comments
« on: May 08, 2018, 07:26:02 am »
yeah no ^^ this deck is so far from modern legal, that I won't be adjusting it - sorry for the confusing tag.

That's probably not gonna work :)

Deck Comments / Re: Torper, Tocatli and Hushwing - Comments
« on: May 08, 2018, 07:23:50 am »
ah yes, I must have somewhat misclicked there but you can easily make it modern legal if you switch out swords for path to exile (it's pretty much the same but one is legal other isn't ) and the phyrexian dreadnought has to leave completely but  I am certain there are enough ways to get it to work either way.

You can alway put in 4 apostel's blessing to be on guard yourself against creature removal so that you won't get screwed by some removal flashed in from the opponent to have you get the draw back of your cards again.

Hope this info helps.

Futher advise is highly welcome.

Also keep in mind that this deck was built for my / our kitchen table round because I found the idea funny and not to be played competetive. We leave out plainswalkers completely at out our kitchen table so yeah... you'll probably find a way to put in a Lilli if you'd like :)

Best regards

Just wanted to mention that Deeproot Waters and Deeproot Elite stack.  So if you have two Waters out on the field, you get two tokens.  With one Elite, that makes River Sneak an unblockable 7/7.  If you instead have 2 Elite, it is instead a 10/10 unblockable.  If you have 4 of each (not likely), it becomes an unblockable 25/25...

Yeah not sure what you mean by that but I think you are correct regarding this matter...

I've seen the river sneak in action and god it is fuckin disgusting to play against.

2 Deeproot elite + 1deeproot waters + 1 river sneak on board and it gets really weird odd...

Let's say you play silvergill adapt and draw another merfolk that you can play ... 2 merfolks played triggers deeproot waters 2 times that means a total of 4 merfolks enter the battlefield right?

Fun thing:
River sneak gets +4/+4 from her own effect and then gets +4/+4 in form of counters that makes her a 9/9 unblockable for 2 mana ... to avoid removal you may wanna add blossoming defense and bam ! 11/11 collosus to the face!

I'd REALLY consider giving it a shot mate :)


it's good to see the community trying to help each other out - so I thought maybe I can share my thoughts too,

I think it would be really good to include a river sneak - it doesn't realy seem much right now but there is one more card you should consider: deeproot waters ...

See where I am going? - Let's just say you have river sneak and deeprot elite out there... if you play deeproot waters you can even drop a 1 mana merfolk and you'll instantly benefit from it

1 merfolk for 1 mana + another merfolk entering (due to deeproot waters) results in the following:

River sneak: +2/+2 from it's own effect + deeproot elite effect +2/+2 (IN FORM OF COUNTERS!) makes the sneak a 5/5 unblockable.

On top of that you get a 1/1 merfolk everytime you play a merfolk which is always good in tribal!

Maybe add 2 curious obsessions - you'll be aggro anyway and you ll attack (if unblockable on board you get the card draw as well!)

Hope the input helps :)

Best regards

[en] Deck Review Requests / Re: [Casual] Merfolk RIX My first Deck
« on: May 02, 2018, 12:42:04 pm »
well I am sorry but without a deck list it will be pretty hard to design a deck against his deck... also I would like you to think about the following:

There are a lot of cards in MTG tht are specifically designed to wreck other cards (Boiling sea is a perfect example for this). However these cards tend to be rather useless against other decks... so unless you only have that one friend with only that one deck I wouldn't recommend building a deck just to mess with his deck idea. not only will it be cost inefficient but also will it ruin his fun for playing maybe leaving you behind with a deck that wrecks his 8/10 cases but no one to play it against.

So just in general I'd suggest not building a deck completely against him. IN MTG there is something called sideboard (contains of 15 cards and these cards may be added to your deck after the first round is played in order to get the edge over certain decks)

However this is where the problem starts... you can add cards that are simply useless unless something very specific happens or some very specific deck is used.

I would much more recommend you to build an overall strong deck that focuses more on yourself than your opponnents.

There are (in my opinion 2 ways to go in MTG) decks that focus on themselves ... trying to get themselves as strong as possible (tribal, ramp, mid range, late game etc.) and then there are decks that try to win by dismantling the oponnents deck (Mill, control, land destruction, discard etc.)

If you look at these types as some kind of line the question you'll have to ask is: where do I wanna stand? most decks these days are placed somewhere along the line... (just like yours above) mostly creature/tribe heavy with some control and card draw mixed in!

And I think this is what you wanna be looking for! A deck that plays around itself mixed with some control to deal with the biggest threats!

I know this because I have built a Land destruction deck that starts taking your lands at T2 (most cases even T1) so you ll my opponent will play with 0,1 or max, 2 mana the whole game.

I like playing it but most of my friends ask me not to... so yeah you'll always have that risk if you go for such a deck.

TL:DR: you shouldn't build a deck completely built against one deck because you won't have fun with it long and your friends will not like to play against it either.

Hope this somewhat helps :)

Should you be interested in having a longer conversation - get in touch  :P


[de] Deck-Bewertungen / Re: [Modern] hey - gimme that!
« on: April 27, 2018, 01:02:25 pm »
took out: 1 wall of frost, 1 Mizzium Skin
put in: Swiftfoot Boots

[de] Deck-Bewertungen / [Casual] A tale of soldiers and midrange
« on: April 27, 2018, 12:57:03 pm »
A tale of soldiers and midrange

Okay so I don' t think I need any explaining here - pretty simple, pretty standard deck ... anyway I feel like maybe a bit more control would be nice, but I am having a hard time choosing what to not put in...

Any advise welcome!

About the elves deck:

I have included above a link to the ELV deck I created just a few days ago.

You can add Marwyn, the nurtuner if you like but I feel like he is not needed :)

This is - in my opinion how a good elf deck should look :)

Keep in mind though - this is not modern legal and is mostly used for kitchen table....

also if your friends decks look like the one you have here they'll probably be a bit surpised if you play that deck :)



okay, so there is a lot of things that you could change in your ramp deck. The "problem" is ... for (almost) every card you have in that deck there are better alternatives. Now I get the idea of making a deck with the cards you own and try to make it work... (I ended up with a ramp deck in the same way and it does pretty decent).

About the ramp:
While it is a good idea (especially in green) to go with "get mana faster than other ppl and finish with big guys" this deck does not contain much synergy.
It feels a bit like you just put in random green cards that were laying around and hoping for the best.... For example if you want to use centaur battlemaster you should maybe consider having the whole deck revolt around him. His ability is pretty decent. For 5 mana he comes into play pretty fast and he'll snowball way too fast.

So i would suggest the following:

Take out:
axebane stag, bond bettle (won't trigger the centaur), cowl prowler, druid's familiar, cowl Prowler, spined wurm and so on...
(take out basically everything that does not help you getting the centaur out faster or make him stronger

Put it:
blossoming defense, rancor, giant growth.... stuff like that!

I know this would kinda ruin your deck idea but if you really wanna go ramp/big you need to think this all over.

Put in more mana generators (and better ones!) use elvish mystic instead of golden hind for example. And try to get some "bigger" threats... your creatures that are in it right now are just too basic.

They don't have effects nor do they really do damage - any good tribal will have stronger creatures, any rush down deck will shit you on turn 4 and any control deck... well how will you remove enchantments or artifacts that kill your game?

I could go on about this all day but I doubt that makes any sense.

Maybe you can DM me or get in touch if you want me to explain in detail


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