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Deck Comments / Re: Heroic - Comments
« on: July 12, 2017, 11:27:44 am »
Thank you for your input. I've just seen this deck on deckstats and tried to improve it.

- My biggest problem is the card draw and that you have to invest so much in your creatures in order to be competitive. Your card draw suggestion was in the deck before but most of the time I need to buff them first and even after a strong opening hand I already need the card draw to generate a value. Warrior's Lession replacing Shoulder to Shoulder is a good idea but for more impactful card draw, suggested I have only 1-2 buffed creatures available, I tend to build for Hunter's Insight or even Inspiring Call. For more utility Lace with Moongloce might even be an option. I just play casual kitchen table magic but still this is one of my biggest problems with this deck.

- If my early hydras get nuked there is little to no way to come back. I also face many artifact decks which ignore Emerge Unscathed. Currently I am also using 4 Mutant's Prey but I am about to replace them with Prey Upon to kill early X/1 since Mutant's Prey does not work on unbuffed creatures even though it triggers the counter after that but only at sorcery speed. Another problem are flyers because the Abzan Falconer and the Avatar of the Resolute are not that reliable. If you drop the Avatar of the Resolute to early to stop you from dying then you will have problems finding that special blocker in mid to late game.

I am open for more suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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