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Deck Comments / Re: Sidisi Sultai - Comments
« on: November 28, 2016, 06:57:23 pm »
Hi - this deck might benefit greatly from something like Call the Bloodline, so you can reliably fill your yard, trigger Sidisi more often and get rid of Amalgams and Hunted Deads in your hand.

Deck Reviews / Re: [Modern] RG Assault Loam
« on: November 03, 2016, 07:30:40 pm »
I really like this style of deck. You have gone through much of the same process I have in the past. Personally, I like bad decks. I tried the all-in combo version (RUG) with with Treasure Hunt, Life from the Loam and Aggravated Assault. It had mixed success. Here is a link to the creator's article:

Congratulations on making the deck have new life. It is really a solid looking deck.

Have you had the experience of playing this verse a tron build? You can keep them off tron relatively well mainboard, but there are few outs if an eldrazi hits the battlefield.

Thank you for the kind words ^^

I remember that article from TWoo, really fun stuff - the Treasure Hunt variants all seem pretty fun to play as well, and having a ton of manlands can unexpectedly grant you a sizeable advantage against some decks xDD

Regarding Tron, my game plan is to usually mulligan aggressively toward Ghost Quarter and Life from the Loam. The matchup is a bit of a mess - if he gets to play, he wins uncontested.

If I get to Ghost Quarter lock him and have whatever follow-up (even a 2/2 Scavenging Ooze) I win. It's always a one-sided matchup, regardless of who wins - and you're absolutely right, there's very little I can do against any of their threats - they don't even need the eldrazi: Karn Liberated, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, Wurmcoil Engine... They're all very hard to deal with.

On the rare games in which they assembled Tron and I still won, it'd happen due to early pressure (Tarmogoyf) with timely Seismic Assault + lands for the kill within 1 or 2 turns. Really hard to achieve, though, wouldn't dream of counting on that.

I used to run 3 Ghost Quarter and 2 Tectonic Edge maindeck back when there are 2~4 Tron players on my local metagame, but now there are none to be seen, so the counts went down to 2:1.

Deck Reviews / [Modern] RG Assault Loam
« on: November 03, 2016, 04:23:30 pm »
Hello all - here's the URL for my deck: Blitkun's RG Assault Loam

I put some effort in writing a bit of a primer in the description box, I'll just paste it here. Thanks a lot for any feedback!

Quote from: RG Assault Loam - Description
Been tinkering with this archetype for a while, it's definitely one of my favourites. I mostly play on FNM-grade events, and have somewhat of a positive score with this strategy.


The core of the deck is the engine Seismic Assault + Life from the Loam. Basically it's a repeatable source of damage with which you can either finish your opponent or stabilize the board. The other threats either help you get the engine running or synergize with it:
Countryside Crusher by itself can be a very real game-ender, all the while grows even faster if you have an Assault out, and helps you dig for additional threats/Life from the Loam on your upkeep.
Tarmogoyf gets bigger than expected due to the number of Enchantments and self-mill effects.
Raging Ravine becomes a bigger threat when you can recur it freely with Loam.
Crawling Sensation helps you dig for Loam while providing numerous blockers (and eventually, attackers).
Ghost Quarter/Tectonic Edge become very real threats to your opponent's manabase, with great recursion.

Now to address the elephant in the room: being a graveyard-based deck in Modern can be pretty rough, but it's not impossíble. Most of the commonplace graveyard removal are either directed at the Dredge deck (Grafdigger's Cage doesn't affect Life from the Loam, and it's popular against Collected Company as well) or one-shot effects such as Relic of Progenitus, Nihil Spellbomb or Tormod's Crypt. Of course it sucks, but it's very possible to play around these and bait your opponent into wasting their graveyard removal before fully commiting to the engine. Rest in Peace, of course, is a beating - which is why it's imperative you sideboard accordingly (cut Goyfs for Revelries) and mulligan aggressively. Even with RIP out, it's possible to slam Assault and naturally draw lands to kill your opponent's threats, and finish him with a 2/2 Ooze. Yes. It happens.


The field I play in is very straightforward - there are a couple of linear/combo decks such as Ad Nauseam, Infect, Griselshoal and whatnot, with sprinkles of blue-black or blue-white based hard control and a few dedicated tribal aggro decks. My current sideboard takes into consideration that I'll need to either stall the game to get the engine online or to answer graveyard hate or side-in additional win conditions that don't get as affected by graveyard hate.

There are three main clusters of sideboard cards, the first one being specific hosers: Grafdigger's Cage and Sudden Shock are there to properly address Dredge/Griselshoal/Company/Snapcaster-based decks and Infect respectively.

The second one, the general answers: Destructive Revelry is there to deal with troublesome Leylines/RIPs as usual, while Anger of the Gods helps against many aggro matchups. Feed the Clan can be an additional tool to outrace aggressive strategies or a very necessary addition against Burn. Lastly, Fog is a very generalistic answer to Griselshoal, Infect, Bogles and other aggressive strategies alike. It's mostly used as a "time walk".

Finally, the third cluster holds the grindy-matchup cards: Thrun, the Last Troll, Thragtusk and Worm Harvest. Worm Harvest won't ever come in if the opponent is playing White (since it's awful against Rest in Peace), while both Tusk and Thrun are at their peak against blue-based control with targeted removal. Tusk isn't as impressive as Thrun, but imposes a fast clock while stabilizing the life total and requiring 2+ answers due to the token, so that's straight up value. Keep in mind the maindeck Haunted Fengraf to properly outgrind your opponents.


Here I'll start to place a few comments on old cards that I used to play in this deck, as well as recent cards that have been catching my eye.

Molten Vortex
Holy crap, was I happy when this was spoiled. It's basically Seismic Assaults #5~8 with the amazing upside of constantly being played before your opponent has countermagic up. Also makes Abrupt Decay increasingly worse (now you have a crapton more targets than before), and makes Pithing Needle only 50% as effective as before. Paying mana for the activation can be a bother, but it IS a very strong card that can't be underestimated. Helps immensely against Burn and aggro, is really good against control and used to be one of the better cards against Splinter Twin.

Countryside Crusher
Really easy to underestimate - but this guy hits hard. If playing against red, hedge against Lightning Bolt by playing it on 4 with a fetchland ready to crack, and that's it. The upkeep trigger can have mad variance - but usually getting it to 5/5 or 6/6 is enough. Keep in mind the math with Seismic Assault: each Assault activation means 2 damage and +1 Crusher damage, which can lead to ridiculous swings if your opponent had no blockers. By the way, with Assault you can always clear the path and get some profit out of the big guy.

Crawling Sensation
This card can be a real powerhouse in grindy matchups - mostly because if fills several different roles at a reasonable cost and synergizes really well with the rest of the deck. By itself, this helps you dig for Life from the Loam, while nets you a few chump blockers to gain more time. With 26 lands it's crazy easy to trigger this on your turn, and considering the amount of lands that sacrifice themselves, it's somewhat easy to trigger this on your opponent's turn as well. Dredge also makes the token trigger very easy to achieve. The synergy with Seismic Assault is crazy - you get to completely blank some attacks by killing creatures and chumping, then start amassing an impressive board presence by merely throwing a land at a time. It's crazy good, fulfills pretty much what Young Pyromancer used to do in older versions.

Young Pyromancer
Used to be an all-star because my old lists used to run Flame Jab (and Raven's Crime if I splashed black). Had great synergy with more spell-based configurations, in which Magmatic Insight/Tormenting Voice could be amazing as well. Also, sweet synergy with Smallpox (since you get the token before having to sac a creature). The Young Pyromancer deck is still very viable - but it's a whole other path. It focuses a lot more on Retrace spells, and in that case Burning Vengeance becomes a tad better than Seismic Assault. The twist, though, is that is suffers even more to graveyard hate.

Noose Constrictor
Tested a little bit, showed promise. It's a cool way to fuel the graveyard, grow Crusher a bit faster without an Assault/Vortex and can even block flying creatures, which is a soft spot for this deck. Wasn't sold on it, though - but I wouldn't dismiss it completely, since it's a way to convert Life from the Loam lands into damage under Leyline of Sanctity (even if a bit iffy).

Eternal Witness
For the longest time ran it as a 1-of to help in grindy matchups. Thing is - it didn't help as much. Today, with Haunted Fengraf, it might be more appealing but still comes to me as excessively slow. It's not a win condition on it's own, and does very little to improve the board state. Mostly, I found that simply having additional threats and redundancy was more effective than taking a turn off to replay a threat that had already been answered. But it's not out of the table, by any means.

Magmatic Insight
Seemed great, instantly put 4 in the deck. Again, in Young Pyromancer builds, it really performed nicely - but didn't pull it's own weight. Might be fine as a 2-of or something, but definitely not a fan. The "discard a land" clause sounds like a great deal, but wasn't enough. Ran it on a 28-land build, wouldn't run it with my current 26.

Vessel of Nascency
Recently been testing it - with mostly positive results. Used to run Commune with the Gods - on one hand, powerful effect that actively helped me win games and get the engine running; on the other, 2 mana at sorcery speed while NOT advancing the board state isn't exactly where I want to be against Spell Snare, Remand and friends. Vessel of Nascency seemed to combine a couple of things I really liked - mostly the same effect (with the upside of getting Land or Artifact post-side), even if seeing 1 card short, didn't have to be done at sorcery speed, and was another 1 CMC spell. Given how easy it was for the deck to get either R/G on turns 1 and 2, I thought it could be worth a shot, and here it is. I really like how it can just sit there for a while, and if I feel like I need some additional threat I can just pop it whenever. Also - bonus - it really helps the Tarmogoyf grow by a lot, since it by itself adds Enchantment to the graveyard, and I'll mill at least 3 more cards.

Haunted Fengraf
Used to be Ghost Quarter #3, friend of mine convinced me to try it. It has been... iffy, but important. In some matchups the advantage of being able to recur creatures is very real, and it's crazy easy to recur the land because of Life from the Loam. It's not costing me much in terms of mana efficiency or Ghost Quarter slots, and the upside is pretty great. Also really helps the "grindy matchup plan" postboard, with Thrun/Tusk and whatnot.


There are a lot of options for the Seismic Assault + Life from the Loam archetype. I personally prefer R/G because it allows me to keep the greediest hands, achieve the craziest board states and have the lowest chance of getting mana screwed. It's not easy to get RRR on turn 3, and this has a very real cost on your gameplan. Most of the splash options tend to favor Molten Vortex over Seismic Assault because of that, worth noting.

Other styles of Red/Green Assault could focus on a Blood Moon theme - or even ramp! There are also a couple of RG Ponza Assault builds out there - which combine the heavy Land Destruction elements with utility lands, Blood Moon and Seismic Assault as a finisher. Also, ramp strategies could benefit from Seismic Assault to start the engine by turn 2 and give the opponent a very small window of opportunity to get back into the game. Lastly, there are the 45-land Countryside Crusher decks.

On a very broad sense, the most popular splash is Black. Playing Jund offers a lot of advantages such as better removal (Terminate, Abrupt Decay), added disruption (Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize, Raven's Crime) and very powerful effects (Kolaghan's Command, Dark Confidant, Liliana of the Veil). That said, it's very viable to turn it into a Young Pyromancer deck with a lot of spells and disruption, with the Life from the Loam engines being the icing in the cake. Getting access to Ghost Quarter recursion and consistent Liliana of the Veil discards can be really spicy, and people tend to like it a lot.

There's also Blue - which brings a ton of useful disruption and cool effects. Izzet Charm and Remand come out as the better reasons to play Blue, with Deprive, Trade Routes and Gifts Ungiven soon behind. Temur Assault tends to work a bit more as a control deck with the engine acting as a wincon - while adding the Ghost Quarter as an additional disruptive element. There are some amazing shells to build upon, from hard disruption to very synergistic combos. The main focus is usually on having efficient game plans, with a lot of possibilities and unexpected turns. That aside, there's also the Treasure Hunt decks that can use Seismic Assault as an alternative to Zombie Infestation or Conflagrate.

Finally, the White splash gets one of the better beaters - Knight of the Reliquary. The pros are great - you get to play big, efficient beaters while stiff having access to the Seismic Assault engine to both acquire reach and clear the path! Also, Path to Exile is an amazing addition to the deck, since it makes some turns that would be spent on killing a big opposing creature into "Path your guy, 6 to your face". These builds tend to be more centered around the aggressive side - actually resembling Big Zoo with the Assault for finish and value. On a midrange base, though, Restoration Angel and efficient blockers can keep attackers at bay while you assemble the engine - while less popular, it's still out there.


Hope you enjoyed this list, and in case you're interested in what you can do with this kind of shell, feel free to ask me for any kind of advice ^^
This deck is very fun to play, and leads to impressive board states and interactive matches. You get to choose from a large variety of strategies, and it doesn't actually fold to whatever piece of disruption - since it can always come back or just roll with another engine.

Deck Reviews / Re: My Little Boros [Modern][Midrange]
« on: March 12, 2014, 02:49:44 pm »
Updated a lot of details on the deck page!

Deck Comments / Re: My Little Boros - Comments
« on: March 12, 2014, 02:48:03 pm »
Updated list with Sideboard and Maybeboard with intended changes AND a couple of cards I already tested!

Deckstats Feedback / Most Viewed Decks?
« on: March 11, 2014, 08:20:02 pm »
Is there any way to filter deck search by Views (Most-Least)?

If not, I think it'd be a good filter, anyways.

Deck Comments / Re: My Little Boros - Comments
« on: March 01, 2014, 07:09:29 pm »
So, any ideas here?
I've been thinking in a few options - since splashing G for a new take on midrange decks, or even focusing on the superfriends theme.

Deck Reviews / Re: NEED HELP! Faerie Tribal Wars Deck
« on: February 27, 2014, 06:48:06 pm »
i'm deeply sorry - not very good with faeries, but i'll try.

I'd stick to the Bonesplitter's and a evasive beats plan -  yet, I'd try to play that Oona because flavor.

Deck Reviews / Re: NEED HELP! Faerie Tribal Wars Deck
« on: February 27, 2014, 06:36:30 pm »
I always thought of Infiltration Lens as a consolation prize.

Deck Reviews / Re: NEED HELP! Faerie Tribal Wars Deck
« on: February 27, 2014, 06:32:30 pm »
Both Sol Ring and Skullclamp are banned in Legacy .-.

Deck Reviews / My Little Boros [Modern][Midrange]
« on: February 27, 2014, 06:01:54 pm »

I'm Blitkun, and this deck is currently my main deck. I like it a lot - the way it plays, all the options I have either engaged in multiplayer action or straight 1v1...

However, change is good. And every once in a while I come to think of adding another game plan, or even switching the way things work with it... The Midrangey approach is very cute with its versatility, and provides me with time and options in which to think and plan a course of action that ultimately leads me to victory.

The main trope with this deck has been (for a long time) embracing the disruptive options both White and Red offer while trying hard to keep things fun (even for my Casual opponents) and fair. It's been a tough challenge, as most control tools often become oppressive quite easily, as you add reocurrence and/or redundance.

Thing is, though I'm somewhat satisfied with the deck's current performance (I even got to play a couple Modern FNMs last year, and did well), I get the constant feeling I can tweak it a bit into one or another direction, and that might just be VERY fun.

Therefore, I have come to ask the deckstats community to take a peek at my current list:

Deck: My Little Boros

4 Arid Mesa
4 Sacred Foundry
4 Flagstones of Trokair
1 Rugged Prairie
1 Clifftop Retreat
4 Mountain
5 Plains

4 Figure of Destiny
3 Boros Reckoner
2 Hero of Bladehold
2 Baneslayer Angel

4 Lightning Bolt
4 Lightning Helix
3 Path to Exile
3 Volcanic Fallout
3 Boom // Bust

2 Oblivion Ring
1 Assemble the Legion

3 Ajani Vengeant
2 Elspeth, Knight-Errant
1 Gideon Jura

Display deck statistics

There are quite a bit of synergies there - and I like them. Due to the lack of Card Advantage these colors present, I have tried my best to keep only high-impact cards on the deck, and promote a healthy amount of interactions between my creatures, the enemy board state and his/her life total. There are quite a bit of 2:1s in there - or even 1:2s that become 1:1s, such as the Boom // Bust case.

The deck's main problem is losing virtual card advantage in the early stages of the game. Discard cripples it very seriously (when I played FNMs, I had 4x Leyline of Sanctity vs Bx matchups postboard), and the right amount of countermagic can null a lot of efforts here. Nothing too shabby, though - I believe it's normal for a deck to have such weaknesses, and they are important to keep it "fair" - Reaching late game with one 4 or 5-drop is very comfortable. Drawing 1 card per turn is painful if they Path to Exile'd your major threat.

Today I feel like this deck is awesome - but it lacks something. I'm not aiming for perfection here - just a bit of added versatility/raw power might do the trick (or not). But I've ran out of ideas for now.

One thing I've been wanting to do is adding a transformation sideboard to this deck... Could it be possible, tweaking the list so a -15/+15 would make it effectively another deck? In the past I've tried a more aggressive shell (-13/+13), but it didn't work - i'd be very excited if it were as cool or efficient as it seemed at first.

Anyway, I'd be very happy if I could have a bit of feedback on this. This is the result of a couple of years in homebrewing, and naturally means a lot to me.

BONUS: The name of the deck comes from the sleeves I currently use. Yep, MLP's Fluttershy sleeves. Cute, yet deadly. heh.

BONUS2: Today I realized my deck had over 5,500 views .______. wonder how the hell it happened

General Magic / Re: Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
« on: January 07, 2014, 06:33:13 am »
My Favorite Deck in 2013 was Esper Gifts (Modern.)  That deck has since turned into American Midrange, with my aquisition of a playset of geists, but we'll see what happens as 2014 modern season comes along. 

I was going to make a mono black devotion deck for modern, but really all it wants to do is play T4 Phyrexian Obliterator or Abyssal Perescutor, and devotion is just too slow for that.  This is what I've ended up with, is anyone else thinking along these lines for modern in 2014?

T4 Phyrexian Obliterator into T5 Gray Merchant of Asphodel sounds nasty.
I'd brew it Legacy, though - Dark Ritual is just way too sexy.

General Magic / Re: Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
« on: December 29, 2013, 02:54:34 pm »
Happy holidays for everyone! ^^

Currently, my favourite (main) deck is the outcome of 2 years of home brewing on a Boros list. The deck had three complete overhauls in the meantime, and finally came to a midrangey approach - in contrast to the aggressive base it had at first.

It's My Little Boros ;D (Modern)

With quite a bit of help from my friends I came to achieve a good balance in control and efficiency - due to great sinergy and mini-combos on the list that surely help to minimize Boros' greatest weakness - lack of Card Advantage. This list is solely based on a control-ish early game in order to dominate lategame via topdecking and game-ending threats.

Though it was brewed with a casual environment in mind, a few minor tweaks and an adequate sideboard can surely help the deck's performance - as I experienced in a few Modern FNMs.

My Little Boros has been my main deck for quite some time now - and 2013 was the first year I came to play with it competitively (even if only FNMs). I love this deck ^^

However, I can't help but mention my numerous MonoGreen brews, powered with Chroma and Devotion (love you, Primalcrux), Defender mana base or multiple Vernal Bloom s in order to achieve a big Genesis Wave or Primal Surge. And the RG/RUG/Jund Madness decks, powered by Squee, Goblin Nabob and some nasty discard outlets. Wild Mongrel and Basking Rootwalla are beautiful as always.
My sister's MonoWhite Exalted deck has been tweaked quite a lot, and it's beginning to take shape.

Anyways, sorry for the long post - happy holidays \o

Just finished the Portuguese translation - hope it's ok.

Received your e-mail, many thanks.

Just wondering, just talked to a friend of mine, and he asked if he could help with the Portuguese translation, too. Can I give him the link?

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