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Deck Comments / Re: Mirror Match - Comments
« on: March 09, 2013, 11:15:20 pm »
Cheers for the suggestions. I'm trying not to throw in too much blue as - like you said - most MM decks are blue, so I wanted to see if it can be done without blue.

I did consider Mimic Vat and rejected it but looking again I think I can make it work instead of Contagion Clasp - it's nice, but the ability relies a little too much on a few other sources for those -1/-1 to make the mana worth it. Maybe take out 2 CC and 1 Blowfly Infestation and replace with 3 Mimic Vat? I could even take out all the CC and replace with 4 MV, since the ability only works well on creatures with high toughness or a creature heavy deck when I've got a Midnight Banshee out (by then I should have almost won/lost anyway tbh).

If I did want to break the "no blue" rule, I could take out some of my 3 drops and put in some Phantasmal Image to help with my curve. Any suggestions on what creatures to take out though? I was thinking 1 Necroskitter, 1 Quillspike and 1 Skinrender, replacing with 3 Phantasmal Image. Then take out 4 Swamp and replace with 4 Drowned Catacomb.

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