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Deck Comments / Re: Astral Drift Budget Deck - Comments
« on: June 18, 2019, 10:25:22 am »
You're absolutely right, the mana is a real problem. This deck was designed to be as cheap as possible, which works good with the cycling lands, however it is really important to get something on the field in turn one.

For a budget build I would suggest this:
Replace some of the dual cycling lands with Forests and Islands. The cycling is more expensive on those, which makes them worse for the purpose of cycling. Move Flickerwisp to the sideboard and replace it with 4 basic lands.
Make sure to have a focus on Forests (and fewer Plains), to maximize chances of a turn 1 Arboreal Grazer drop. This increases the total amount of lands in the deck, which should not be a big problem, as you want to cycle a lot of lands, so they don't get stuck in your hand doing nothing.

For a more expensive build, just remove all dual cycling and basic lands and replace them with the expensive modern dual land staples. 12 lands with cycling, that can be reused with Tilling Treefolk should be enough.

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