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Deck Comments / Re: Kaheera Creatures - Comments
« on: May 25, 2020, 01:41:52 am »
Great idea, I'll add it in an updated version!

Deck Reviews / [Pioneer] B/R/U Pirates
« on: October 23, 2019, 02:24:29 am »
B/R/U Pirates

Basic Pirate Tribal.

Features hand disruption via Thoughtseize and Freebooter.

Evasion via Departed Deckhand, freebooter, and Maximize altitude.

A subtheme of "discard" via Glint-Horn, and altitude. This is further enhanced by Izzet Charm and Claim // Fame in the sideboard.

This is obviously not a T1 deck. That said, my girlfriend loves Pirates as a tribe and I'm trying my best to make it into something that is FNM-worthy at least.

Let me explain my game plan a little bit since it might not be obvious

Game Plan

Get an aggressive opening board presence with Daring Buccaneer and drop disruption T2 with Freebooter. Curve this into a hasty Glint-Horn and start churning through the deck while pinging the enemy. 4 toughness makes it a "hard to kill" creature that doesn't die to abrade and doesn't die to an un-revolted Push. Later in the game, add power to the board with Admiral. Maximize Velocity is our "reach". It lets us swing with a larger pirate into the enemy. This might actually let us trigger Admiral's secondary ability, though that's not necessary to win.

Card Choices

Removal cards are coming in the form of Push and Abrade. While the loss of fetches in this format makes it hard to turn on Revolt on your own, Fanatical Firebrand changes that.

The SB is filled with generic stuff that I thought would be useful against an unknown field:

- Bedevil: Catchall removal that misses only enchantments.

- Claim//Fame: Anti-control tech. Helps us recover a creature after a boardwipe and give it haste.

- Fry: Narset is a problem. Let's kill her dead. Also helps remove the Saheli Cat components

- Izzet Charm: Stops board-wipes on-curve and gives us additional pings off of Glint-Horn

- K-Command: Good against control. Lets us strip their hand, return a hasty boi, or shock face for a tiny amount of reach

- Noxious Grasp: Oko is bad. So is tef.


Thoughts? Like I mentioned before, this will never be a T1 deck. I'm not trying to win any big events, just design something fun for my girl to play in a new and intimidating format. Thanks for the help.

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