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Deck Comments / Re: Turbo Walls - Comments
« on: June 06, 2019, 09:11:17 am »
See my other janky wall brews here:

"Tainted Assault" was before High Alert/Arcades were printed, so they relied on Assault Formation (which was terrible).  "Tainted Alert" is that same concept, but with those two cards integrated in.  This is the first time I've been willing to drop Tainted Remedy, though I think the deck's a lot better for it.  Less fun though :(

Deck Comments / Re: Turbo Walls - Comments
« on: June 06, 2019, 09:06:50 am »
I have another version of this that uses the life gain of Wall of Shards and Tree of Perdition with Tainted Remedy.  I've found that while the 13 is nice, it rarely actually does any damage due to the lack of evasion.  Wall of Shards and Wall of Denial have been way, way more consistent beats.

My problem with Huatli is that you still need High Alert or Arcades to actually *do* anything.  I think I'd rather have Sheltering Word.

This brew is specifically *without* black, but I haven't actually tested Tree of Redemption yet.  It may work - it serves as a small release valve for aggro, but at 3G I'm not sure it's fast enough to really matter in that case.  Will require some thought

In the interactive deckbuilder, upon reloading (clicking Analyze, saving and returning to the deck, etc.), each card in the Maybeboard section reverts to showing a /!\ with "Unknown card name" hovertext next to the name.  The card is found and linked as expected when the card is added to the Maybeboard, but not when the page is reloaded.

The cards show up and are linked fine under the Details tab in the Maybeboard section.

Well hot-damn, I wasn't expecting that!  I guess it helps when your request is fairly simple... thanks!

Sometimes I want to plot more than one line on the chart.  If I happen to mess one up, the only option is to reset and rewrite every line again.  Can there be a red X ( or a trash can ( to delete a single line, instead of starting over?  Anything to not rewrite everything when I forget one card, or mistype the #.

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