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[fr] Demandes de Revues de Decks / [Legacy] FFA Faith's of Control
« on: February 18, 2015, 09:34:59 pm »
FFA Faith's of Control

Lock opponents in place with Grand Ambolisher, Isochron Scepter/Silence.

Make an army of auto boosting creature with cathars' crusade and honor of the pure.
Militia's Pride and Hero of Bladehold keep a steady flow of creature entering the battlefield and triggering cathars's crusade as often as possible.

Knight of meadowgrain is an impressive blocker with awsome life gain ability.
Kithkin Rabble is an automatic entry in a mono white deck that resolve around its permanent.

Magus of the disk and faith reward are the finishing blow for every target.
Magus of the disk have the advantage of been a creature itself and help you lower your turn cost compared of wrath of god since you have to cast the faith reward + Isochron ability the same turn.

Extraplanar len's and land tax are there for making sure you never are short on mana.

Reliquary tower help you not discard card since it may take long for casting your army since you must use some mana each turn keeping everyone tied.

Multi-Player Free for All deck, Its only a first attempt of a new idea, Any idea and comment are more than welcome.

The only important rules for me are, keep it mono white and adapted for 4P-8P free for all.

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