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Deck Reviews / [Modern] Elf Belcher!
« on: March 11, 2015, 06:35:38 pm »
Building a new deck: Elf Belcher!

I'm building/improving this deck By Travis Woo.
Check the original post.

I'm specially interested on the Sideboard:

This deck is built with the sideboard to be a great 75 for games 2 and 3.
Wargate ensures that we will usually find a 1-of and we can actually prepare for every single matchup!

1) Full of 1-of hate cards
This has turn-1 Blood Moon potential... Is it worth it?

2) 2x Lands - Kodama's Reach - Civic Wayfinder package
Go for land-mana against opponents trying to kill our guys.

3) MetaBoard updates?
What would you change for different metagames?

4) New Release Dragons? :D

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