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Deck Reviews / Re: [Standard] Black and White Ally
« on: January 09, 2016, 09:34:01 pm »
Are you sure you can run this well off only 18 lands? It could possibly use some card draw...Painful Truths would work (or Read the Bones for a budget-friendly option).

Deck Reviews / [Standard] Azorius Myth Control
« on: January 09, 2016, 07:04:04 pm »

Deck Reviews / Re: this is the first deck i built its green and red. help?
« on: February 20, 2014, 03:06:30 pm »
Predator's Rapport is an awful card. There's probably a way to make it do something, but I'm not sure what that would be. Otherwise the deck looks much improved. Probably the next step is to go out and play with it. That will tell you more about what you want to do with it than we can. (Coming back to ask for advice is still reasonable, but nothing beats play experience.)

Deck Reviews / Re: Orzhov Gain/Loss Combo (first constructed deck)
« on: February 20, 2014, 02:59:58 pm »
I think that you went too far all-in on your combo with Sanguine Bond, and that caused you to include some questionable cards. At present, I'd expect your deck to win out of nowhere occasionally, but to struggle otherwise.

Congregate, for instance, is pretty awful in the absence of Sanguine Bond or a guildmage activation. It's decent with them, but still might not do much depending on the board state.

Champion of Stray Souls has little synergy with the rest of the deck and is expensive both to play and to operate. Something cheaper to either enable your combo or keep you alive until it goes off would be better. Perhaps Tithe Drinker (extort goes nicely with your theme) or Blind Obedience?

I also think that Hopeful Eidolon is questionable for you. It doesn't help your black devotion, it doesn't help you get your combo online to any appreciable degree, and any lifelink creatures you make are unlikely to be very large to combo with Sanguine Bond unless you start stacking them with Bestow in conjunction with Herald of Torment.

I do like that you included some Corrupt. You aren't mono-black, but the card is still powerful and swingy as a top-end spell. Consider Liliana of the Dark Realms to help power out your swamps.

You might want to consider running a copy of Diabolic Tutor to find either your Sanguine Bond or (if you already have one) one of your big lifegain cards to close a game out.

Underworld Connections is excellent with Grey Merchant of Asphodel.

Orzhov Guildgates (or more expensive dual lands, but that can be burdensome) would be a good addition for you. I wouldn't want to reduce your swamp count, but replacing a few plains with the duals could help smooth things over for you.

Get a sideboard plan against aggro or look for ways to improve your maindeck against it. I think you'd have a lot of trouble against that archetype.

Deck Reviews / Re: Please Help with new standard
« on: February 19, 2014, 03:52:21 pm »
I'm not a fan of the Burning-Tree Emissary suite in this deck. Their stock went down with Drown in Sorrow, but more importantly they don't do either thing that your deck is trying to do: Ramp or hit with big creatures.

You also might want to consider getting a source of haste for your Kalonian Hydra stock.

A bit more land for a midrange deck maybe?

Deck Reviews / Re: this is the first deck i built its green and red. help?
« on: February 19, 2014, 03:31:50 pm »
First thing to note: You didn't include a link to your deck in the post. I was able to go find the deck by following a couple of links, but making people do extra work to help you out is generally a bad idea. To help out:

Next thing: You need to cut some cards. Your maindeck has 67 cards in it and the general minimum for Constructed decks is 60. Going above the minimum can be reasonably done, but only for very specific purposes: stuff like Battle of Wits. You don't have that. Make some cuts. It'd probably be fine to go down to 24 land, but I'd look for non-creature spells to axe for the rest. (Edit: I probably should say why this is important, and I forgot to do so above. Playing with the smallest deck possible for your format is almost always the right call because you want to pull your best spells. A larger deck has a smaller chance of pulling their best spells. By definition, every card you add over 60 (for normal Constructed formats) is worse than your best 60 cards because it is preventing you from finding them.)

The rest of my answer depends on what you intend to do with the deck. As things stand, the deck is an unfocused mess of cards: that's bad. I won't criticize you for it since you are new to the game, but it still needs to be said. Looking at the deck, I don't think you have a plan for how you are going to win the game and as a result you'll probably lose often.

An example: Charging Badger is a build-around card. It has 1 power and trample, which doesn't do anything for a 1-power creature. It can be good if you want to enchant it a bunch or put +1/+1 counters on it (and don't want to get trample from elsewhere). That still isn't a great plan since you're asking to catch a Doom Blade, but it's still a plan. Your deck has only two cards that are capable of pulling it off though: Trollhide and Ivy Street Denizen. Since there are only two badgers and only two cards that can help it be relevant, that scenario will almost never happen. Without a plan to make the badgers do something, I'd take them out of the deck. (Note: I'm not counting Giant Growth or Phytoburst as enablers for the badger because they only happen once and still require creature combat to do anything of value.)

Where you should go from here depends on what you want to do, and I can't answer that for you. An aggro deck would depend more on creatures with low mana costs (you'd need to lose the Axebane Stags) and a bit of burn to help push you over the top. A midrange deck would start with mana-generating creatures like the elvish mystics and finish with larger creatures or spells. There are other archetypes, but that's a good enough place to start. Deciding between one of those two would help us guide you in a decent direction. Alternately, describe to us your vision of how you would like to win. Maybe you attack with seven creatures off a Gruul Charm and sweep through their defense. Maybe you make the hugest monster ever and beat down all of their defenders until they have nothing left. Something like that.

A final note for now: I'm assuming that your deck is for casual play with friends. If you want to take it to your local gamestore and participate in tournaments or something, you have bigger problems and we need to talk about formats (Standard vs Modern for instance).

Deckstats Feedback / Re: General Site Error reporting
« on: May 12, 2013, 06:07:14 pm »
The deck analyze tool isn't recognizing the fuse cards right (or I'm doing it wrong). When I enter:

2 Flesh // Blood

the system picks up flesh, but not Blood and it doesn't show the art. Am I doing it wrong?

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