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Deck Comments / Re: Modern Superfriends - Comments
« on: January 27, 2017, 06:26:18 pm »
well the Emrakul isn't random it's a target for the Nahiri ultimate, admittingly I should probably either have more Nahiri or just cut both.  This was largely a thought experiment and so I expect many of choices for planewalkers are not correct.  Again the abundant growths thought process was replace itself and fixes mana to cast the planewalkers if I don't have a oath of nissaUtopia sprawl absolutely stays, it's not just a fixer but a ramp spell and would lead to the best draws in the game as it combos with either Garruk or Nissa to untap and potentially play multiple planeswalkers on turn 3.

Yes I probably need more disruption but this was more of a fast planewalkers not a traditional control type list, also superfriends can absolutely be midrange and I could argue that with oath of Ajani token producing planeswalkers synergize well with this list as it makes additional oaths useful instead of just dead.

Again this was something that popped in my head late night and I was trying to puzzle a vague idea of it out, I know much of it isn't correct but I'm not really planning on building it was just curious what it might look like, thank you for the comments all the same.

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