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Deck Comments / Re: B Oracle Maralen (Proactive) - Comments
« on: May 20, 2020, 02:45:04 pm »
Do you mean Oblivion Stone? I think that's too slow for cEDH in general, and not where this memey proactive deck wants to be haha.

As for Sickening Dreams, I actually had that in initially, but then realised that without white I don't really have a way to make sure I survive the Sickening Dreams post AdNaus...could be a memey "win con" in that it makes the game a draw like haha

Deck Reviews / [Legacy] [4C] Daretti and Friends (Combo Control)
« on: August 18, 2016, 01:10:13 am »
[4C] Daretti and Friends (Combo Control)

Tezzerator with a twist! With todays spoiling of the new Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast card (found here:, I immediately thought that he was screaming to be abused - and this list does just that.

Not taking dorkers into account, a T3 Daretti -> T4 Nahiri sets you up perfectly for popping both their ultimates on turn 6. You use Nahiri to go and get Blightsteel Colossus, giving it Haste, and then you use Daretti to get 3 more hasted copies, swinging for 44 with Trample and Infect across 4 bodies - GG!

Now, obviously, this is the dream, but it needed a synergistic control shell to run it in, and Tezzerator is the most obvious, having excellent synergy with Daretti, and good synergy with Nahiri's ultimate, particularly post board.

Whilst it's almost certain that I'm never going to be able to afford this deck, I thought it was a fun and potentially very strong brew for Legacy - and I can always try budgefy the land base and run Daze over Force of Will or something to at least have an FNM playable deck!


Anyone fancy giving me some feedback on this? It's obviously a first pass at a brew as the card only got spoiled today, but I really like it's potential. I'm fairly new to Legacy, so feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Deck Comments / Re: Simic Infect (Aggro) - Comments
« on: July 21, 2016, 06:03:47 pm »
Oh man, how the hell did I miss Rancor being common!? Haha. Thanks man, will put it in. The Apostle's Blessing are because my local Pauper meta includes Mono Black Control soooo.... :P

General Magic / Re: First FNM in new Standard with SOI?
« on: April 12, 2016, 12:15:51 pm »
Last FNM for me was a standard 2.  I partnered up with a Gruul Werewolf Tricks player (I was running my Selesnya Human Company), there were other Werewolf players (including a weird landfall/clue/tempo one that actually kinda worked), Mardu Control, Esper Control, Rakdos Vampires, Dimir Zombies, Izzet Tempo, Abzan Allies feat Avacyn, and more. No Company lists other than mine, but the player I most expect to do something like Bant Company wasn't present. No Eldrazi, but I expect they'll resurface after the new set furor has died down.

Deck Reviews / Re: [Standard] Bant Company (need help)
« on: April 10, 2016, 08:37:11 pm »
In all honesty, there isn't really a replacement for the fetch lands, Standard is much slower, and much harsher on tri-colour+ decks now. Your best bet is the likes of Evolving Wilds and Warped Landscape, switching to basics over duals and being more selective on your choice when fetching. You could also run Traverse the Ulvenwald and/or Sylvan Scrying as a way of mana-fixing.

For Wingmate Roc, either try Hanweir Militia Captain/Westvale Cult Leader if you, as you seem to be, aim to flood, and want a beater, or Pious Evangel if you really want the lifegain effect, also netting you a Zulaport Cutthroat like effect in your colours.

I think the deck can definitely still work in standard, and I really like the build, but you'll obviously need to adapt your plays a bit for the changes!


Hi folks!

With the release of Shadows Over Innistrad, and the new Standard format rotation, my old deck has almost entirely rotated out, and certainly rotated in terms of what matters (Monastery Swiftspear, Monastery Mentor, Seeker of the Way, Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest, all gone. Mantis Rider and Jeskai Charm, too), so I've been working on a new deck, and it's one that, although I had my eye on it from early in the spoilers, wasn't actually my first choice (that being Esper Control). But given the choices within my local community - a LOT of people are making Esper Control - I decided to go with GW Humans, as the likes of Thalia's Lieutenant and Hanweir Militia Captain/Westvale Cult Leader teaming up with Collected Company sounded not just really strong, but a lot of fun.

I've been playtesting with, and trading around for bits for this deck since Pre-Release weekend, and I have all the pieces for the list as it is now, plus some alternatives used in the several iterations this deck has gone through already. What I'd like is for people to take a look and give me some feedback on my choices - is there anything you would change, and if so, why? Would you tweak numbers? Are there any other creatures you can think of that would suit this deck well/better? What would you say it's weaknesses are, and how can I address them? So on and so forth. Whilst I've aimed to make a competitive deck for my local meta before, and have successfully done so, I'd really like to try and gear up a deck to be competitive to the point I can take it to a GPT, or even a PTQ. Any and all constructive feedback is welcome and appreciated!

The rest of this post is my probably long-winded explanation of the strategy and my choices, so I don't expect everyone to read it. If you do, however, and if I've made an error, or over-looked something, or if you feel I'm over-hyping something, please let me know!

The strategy is fairly straight forward: flood the board with increasingly powerful minions, and swing high or swing wide for game. It focuses a lot more on synergy than combat tricks, with the latter encompassing Eerie Interlude and Collected Company.

Thalia's Lieutenant, Hanweir Milita Captain/Westvale Cult Leader, and Avatar of the Resolute are the main beaters in this deck, being the easiest to make into monstrosities. Although Avatar of the Resolute isn't a human, I think it'd be criminal not to put him in, given how easy it is to spread counters around with Thalia's Lieutenant, the fact that he has trample, and the fact that he has reach for anti-flyer hate (read: Vampires).

Tireless Tracker and Archangel of Tithes can also be used as beaters, but that role is secondary; they're in for their utility. Tireless Tracker gives consistent clues, allowing you to turn un-used mana into card advantage, fleshing out your mid-game curve. Archangel of Tithes is just an all round awkward card for decks to play around, and against red, will almost always force a Lightning Axe if you don't have Always Watching down; Aggro hates her, and any Midrange/Control decks that rely in anyway on blockers hate her.

One of the best things about some of the above cards is that not only do they swing high themselves, but they enable you to swing wide easier as well. The deck naturally swings wide because of the large number of low cost minions making it easy to flood, but Thalia's Lieutenant (and Consul's Lieutenant) make that even more effective; Westvale Cult Leader spits out a token every end step of yours (which simultaneously buffs Thalia's Lieutenant); Archangel of Tithes is increasingly more efficient when attacking with a flooded board.

The one-drop spots were taken by what are, in my opinion, the two best one drop humans in standard by a good margin (the only thing I'd say comes close is Servant of the Scale, but even then...): Kytheon, Hero of Akros, and Thraben Inspector. Thraben Inspector is a solid 1/2 body, has human tribal, and gives a clue that will even out one of your turns later on. Kytheon, Hero of Akros, is a 1 drop 2/1 with no drawback, human tribal, an ability to turn indestructible, flips on an easily fulfilled condition with this deck into a Planeswalker with three strong effects, not least of all being the ability to become a 4/4 indestructible human tribal beatstick. Hell, he even draws removal away from your true beatsticks - literally the only conceivable drawback I can think could be argued is his Legendary typing, but his ease of casting means that I can freely throw him away in combat if needs be, knowing full well I'm likely to (or already have) draw into him again. ...Okay, I'm fanboying a bit, but after him being the most disappointing of the flip walkers so far, I'm excited to find a deck archetype that he slots into so easily.

Westvale Abbey is in there as an alternate win con that is easily enabled by this deck. Hell, it could even be called a combat trick - if you have six mana open, one of them being Westvale Abbey, and the opponent board wipes, you can respond by eating your board and spawning Ormendahl, Profane Prince. It also spits out humans when you're in top deck mode with loads of open mana. It's also really freakin' cool.

Always Watching is the obviously Intangible Virtue 2.0, and because of that, it warrants a spot. It's consistently good across all matchups, though it's not usually a game-winning play, and, as such, is the first thing to be side-boarded for specific matchup tools.

Eerie Interlude is a great combat trick to have in hand. Like Always Watching, it's consistently good in all matchups, allowing you to dodge board wipes , flicker out important creatures that are targeted for removal, flicker out creatures when on the offensive or defensive for more pressure/better trades/cheat blocks, re-trigger a board with a Thalia's Lieutenant or three for a potentially game winning increase in power, and so on. Always Watching should be sided out first, but this is the second target for the sideboard.

Speaking of the sideboard, my choices are based on early testing of an early meta. Dromoka's Command was initially mainboard, but it blows in certain matchups (like Werewolves); it does, however, do strong work in the mirror, and the Vampire matchup, so gets a spot to bring in against them. I almost always run artifact and enchantment hate in my sideboard, and with the numerous strong enchantments, and the likes of Neglected Heirloom, Natural State gets an automatic place. Hallowed Moonlight has been in my sideboard since 4C Rally was a thing, and retains its place because Allies, Elves, and the mirror, all still run Collected Company, and because Zombies are a thing. Aim High gets a spot for the Vampire matchup, as flying can be problematic for this deck. It also can do work in the Werewolf matchup to make better trades, will work against Angels if they ever become a thing, helps even trades against Mono-Red aggro, and so on; choosing whether to sideboard this in requires a judgement call based on your opponents threats. The final sideboard slot goes to Declaration in Stone, which works great in the Zombie matchup (exile their Relentless Dead whenever possible, and cry tears of joy if you manage to hit multiple of them at once), is a solid pick for Werewolves, getting rid of an out of control threat that you can't otherwise deal with, is good against Control that runs either Topplegeist (I both love and loathe this thing), or relies on a beefy win condition like Thing in the Ice, Ormendahl, Profane Prince, or Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, and will be fantastic against any token spammy deck, should that become a thing.

I think the land choices are pretty straightforward.

Thanks for reading and critiquing folks!

General Magic / Re: What is everyones top 10 favorite cards
« on: February 26, 2016, 03:03:35 am »
I reserve the right to change this :P And I've only been playing Magic for around 4 months, so I'm not familiar with as many cards as most at the moment!

10. Skywise Teachings
 - Whilst I can acknowledge this isn't a particularly amazing, super competitive card, I still bloody love it. It was one of the first engines I discovered when I started MTG and instantly loved it as a concept.
9. Remand
 - "Actually, nah, let's wait a turn before you play that. Oh, and I'll draw another answer, too."
8. Deflecting Palm
 - Thematically and mechanically brilliant. I sideboard these in my Standard Jeskai Aggro, and there's little more satisfying than sitting back, watching, and waiting, as an Eldrazi player, or a 4C Rally player, or anyone who plays a big beastie in their deck build up and swing for what they think is lethal - only for them to kill themselves.
7. Supreme Verdict
 - I just love this card, mechanically and conceptually.
6. Vampire Nighthawk
 - Flying, Lifelink, Deathtouch, 2/3, for 3 mana? Hell yeah! Also, I run Vampire tribal, so I'm bias.
5. Vapor Snag
 - There are few things more irritating than playing a creature, only for your opponent to instantly go "Nah mate, put that back and take 1 damage". That's why I make sure I'm the one running it.
4. Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest
 - Loved this guy since the moment I first saw him; genuinely think he's criminally underrated. I can easily swing for 16 unblockable with him on Turn 4 in my Standard Jeskai Aggro, and I dread to think what he'd be capable of in Modern.
3. Emrakhul, the Aeons Torn
 - I generally don't really like Eldrazi; Ulamog and Kozilek are kinda cool, but Emrakhul - man, she's awesome! A slew of dirty, dirty effects, all on a 15/15 body is hilarious - and given I'm building a Reanimator deck that runs her and can drop her turn 3...words do not do her justice.
2. Narset Transcendent
 - My absolute favourite Planeswalker card (and one of my favourite Planeswalker characters); her +1 is a decent accelerator in an appropriate deck, her -2 is godly (current favourite in Standard: -2 Narset, then Treasure Cruise for 1 mana. That's 6 cards over 2 turns for 1 mana. ?!?!?!), and her emblem (which isn't impossible to get off, tbh) can literally win the game.
1. Griselbrand
 - The first Legendary Creature I fell in love with. I love the whole "7" design, and love the concept of paying life for card draw, I love that he's a badass demon and character, and I love him in Reanimator for what is my favourite OTK combo in MTG. Ironically, Reanimator is just a fun deck I'm building, and I don't currently run any lists with Griselbrand...I must rectify that now!

Deck Reviews / Re: [Modern] Landfall Control can I get a deck review
« on: February 21, 2016, 11:20:37 pm »
I like the deck idea! As a fan of landfall decks, it's nice to see others doing it, and doing their very own spin on it :D

In terms of your questions - creature count in a control deck can be quite low. I count 12 in your build, and I'd say that number is fine.

As for general critique/suggestions/feedback:
 - I don't think you need the white. Making it 4C purely for the sakes of a Wall and a board wipe aren't worth it imo, and you should stick to Temur. That way, your land base will be easy to manage. Also, as someone who runs 3C (Naya) Landfall in Modern, 24 is the sweet spot for number of lands imo, and I would avoid using lands that forcibly enter tapped (eg Scry Lands), as you need them untapped to truly combo out with Mina and Denn.
 - Consider Lightning Bolt - they're not absolutely vital, but they are very, very good removal, and its in your colours.
 - Consider Remand (the price has crashed atm as well, so its the best time to buy/trade for them!) as you want to stall them whilst you assemble your win con, and it does both.
 - Instead of Wall of Omens, run Courser of Kruphix - they're the best accelerator in the game for Landfall decks imo. I'd strongly advocate a playset if you can make the room.
 - Pulse of Murasa is very good in Landfall and even better in your deck as it allows you to recycle the lands you've been using offensively/defensively. It might be too tight for you to fit, however.
 - Another great card for this type of deck is Atarka's Command, but they're a bit pricey.

I'm not saying you should or could do all the suggestions above, but it's just some tips and cards to think on that I've played with in similar decks and found to be very effective.

Hope the deck does well for you bud!

Deck Reviews / [Modern] [Naya] Ramp Landfall (Midrange)
« on: February 13, 2016, 01:40:19 am »
[Naya] Ramp Landfall (Midrange)

Working on a modern variant of the Ramp Landfall deck for when fetch lands rotate out - will still run a standard variant as a primary deck at FNMs and such, but the fetches are a lot of fun, and I'm playing a lot more modern (casual and once-monthly FNM) so thought I'd see if I can make it work for that format!

Additions thanks to the format change are: Courser of Kruphix because they're godly in this type of deck (the type of deck where Courser is a better accelerator than Bob); good old Lightning Bolt; Rampaging Baloths step in for Oran-Rief Hydra; Chandra, Flamecaller becomes Chandra Nalaar; The land base is tweaked to accommodate shock lands; the sideboard sees Lightning Helix and Pulse of Murasa to side against aggro, and Path to Exile, Wild Nacatl, and Gaea's Revenge to side against control.

Let me know what you think! I'm still relatively new to modern, so I'm probably missing some really strong cards.

Is there no feedback on this then, folks? :(

Deck Reviews / [Standard] [Red/White/Blue] Jeskai Monks (Tempo/Anti-Tempo)
« on: December 19, 2015, 11:06:10 am »
[Red/White/Blue] Jeskai Monks (Tempo/Anti-Tempo)

Hey folks, just wanted to get some feedback on my decklist here; I've been running it at my local FNMs to great success, but wanted to get opinions from outside my local meta. So, without further ado:

Theme is Monks and Prowess. It's a tempo/anti-tempo deck that's designed to burn or bounce opponent's minions to clear a path for my minions to hit face with prowess triggers. Maintain your own tempo by screwing with your opponents!

4x Monastery Swiftspear are an obvious pick that I don't think needs explaining.

2x Elusive Spellfist - these were originally placeholders as I gathered Mantis Riders and Shu Yuns, but I've developed a love for them, so have kept 2 in; he can win you games with his unblockable prowess trigger.

4x Monastery Mentor should be an obvious choice as well - more sources of monks, more sources of prowess, more bodies on board.

4x Mantis Rider - is there any reason not to run these in Jeskai?

2x Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest - originally at 4, dropped to 2 as he can sometimes be a dead draw, and I wanted the Spellfists. Fantastic (and I honestly think underrated) card that can allow for a lot of burst damage. Seals the game a lot of the time.

3x Twin Bolt, 2x Wild Slash, 2x Fiery Impulse for the burn core, all excellent and cheap ways to burn off enemy creatures so you can hit face. The former two can also be used to go for face, which is particularly handy against low creature count control decks.

4x Jeskai Charm because there is absolutely no reason to not run 4 of these in Jeskai - they're the MVP! All 3 choices are very strong, you just need to know when to use them; the bounce and the direct burn are the two I most commonly use, but the +1/+1 and lifelink is getting used more and more often and is swinging games in my favour.

3x Anticipate to fetch the answer you need. I have a love/hate relationship with this card, but feel it's strong enough and consistent enough to take the spots.

1x Treasure Cruise for that ridiculous card draw.

1x Dispel - this card has won me games so many times. Save it for when they attempt to interfere with you bouncing/burning/hitting face, or for when they attempt their own combo play, and you'd be surprised how much of an advantage it gives you.

2 Deflecting Palm - new additions I'm testing out currently, but am really enjoying it. Provides protection from unexpected OTKs, as well as giving you a potential surprise finisher.

1 offs of both Narset and Chandra, because they're awesome and fit the deck perfectly. The former combos extremely well in multiple ways, the latter can generate phenomenal tempo and pressure. Either can become a win condition in their own right, but neither are required to win.

I ran with a 20 land base for quite a while, but have just upped it to 24 to test consistency, and am liking it. All sources of white are from multi lands as I only have Mentors that are mono-white; 4 Battlefield Forges, 4 Prairie Streams, and 4 Mystic Monasteries give a solid core, and 6 Mountains & 6 Islands round out the base. I'm considering trying fetch lands, but I don't actually think it's quite necessary after upping to 24.

Sideboard has some obvious choices in it - 1 Crater's Claws for either blowing up a creature I wouldn't otherwise be able to deal with, or extra reach to finish my opponent; 2 Dispel, Horribly Awry, and Ojutai's Command to give me a variety of counters to adapt to my opponent; 2 Stasis Snare if they have minions that need dealing with straight away that I otherwise can't deal with; 2 Clutch of Currents for anti-tempo plays and to tech against bolster/etc mechanics; and finally, 2 Fate Forgotten and 2 Smash to Smithereens to give me a bit of artifact/enchantment hate.

Deck Comments / Re: Red/Green Ramp Landfall (Midrange) - Comments
« on: December 19, 2015, 10:50:56 am »
Thanks! :D And yeah, Grove Rumbler is very good, but he's like Zendikar Incarnate in that he's not -essential- to the deck. I prefer leaving in the Valakut Predators over the Grove Rumblers, because they fill a similar role but are cheaper. The biggest advantage Grove Rumbler has is trample, and I'm not sold on the idea that that's worth upping the curve any higher.

Not actually sure what O-ring is haha but mana leak and rune snag are modern and I meant to say this deck is for standard sorry :( though they do look like exactly my type of card so if I'm ever playing modern (which some times the guys do) I can make a Modern variant of this deck! Thanks :D

Cool, I'll take a look at those, thanks :D

[Blue/White] Skywise Transcendent (Control)

- A bit of background on me -

I've only been playing MTG for around a month now, but am immensely enjoying it. I've played numerous TCGs before, including Hearthstone, who's core mechanics were largely inspired by, and have distinct parallels with many things in MTG, so I've picked it up the core play and several card interactions pretty quickly. I'm still learning some interactions, and I'm still building up my knowledge of the decks out there and what they do, and I've only played Blue/White Control so far. I certainly don't profess to be a master at this game.

I knew going in that Blue was going to be the colour for me, as I knew that it was a Controller that fits my playstyle; friends who play Magic (and made my first deck for me) put me on to Blue/White and I've loved it from day 1. As with all TCGs, I like to get into deck teching early, as it's one of my favourite aspects.

- About the Deck -

This is my first attempt at building a Blue/White Control, and I chose to go with a Skywise engine and Thunderclap Wyverns/Soulblade Djinn as my win condition. I chose these as I like the spell interaction with Skywise, and the flying archetype/synergy.

Next in were the core lands: Prairie Streams (because they're awesome), and Tranquil Coves (because they're a bit less awesome, but still great and provides a good way to even out mana) were both added in at 4. I also added in 2 Blighted Steppe's, because the heal synergy with a good Skywise is incredible, and the colourless mana is always useful.

Next in were control spells,.Clash of Wills is my favourite counterspell, as, with my playstyle, its easy to pull off a guaranteed counterspell at any point of the game, and often you can get it dirt cheap; naturally, a playset.

Ojutai's Command is a card I love for its utility. I often find myself taking the creature counter and the card draw, but the 4 health has saved me several times, and even the 2 drop resurrect has had it's moments. Great defensive synergy with Skywise.

I like having 1 Dispel, just for that clutch save, when they try to counter your play with an instant. I think it's too narrow a focus to run more than 1 of.

For creature removal, I've been running Suspension Field and Pacifism to great effect at my local, and I'm essentially upgrading them with Zendikar to Quarantine Fields and Stasis Snares. I also like Swift Reckoning for it's synergy with the tap spells I'm running, doubly so with Narset.

Speaking of, 2 Rush of Ice and 2 Send to Sleep: these are here for their lockdown potential, synergy with Narset, and the aforementioned synergy with Swift Reckoning. I currently only run Send to Sleep, but have got a lot of great use out of it, so am looking forward to getting the rest.

Then there's 2 Healing Hands - I currently run 4 and love them, but think they can be trimmed safely down to 2 given what else I want in the deck. Invaluable heal and draw engine that has synergy with both Skywise and Narset - what more can I say?

With Zendikar, comes Encircling Fissure. I see no reason to not run this in a deck like this, giving me invaluable defensive and stall capabilities  especially if I'm not drawing into my engines. I also enjoy it in multiplayer, which I play a fair bit at the local!

Another defensive/stall card I really like is Hydrolash - I come across a fair number of weenie rush decks that this shines against, as well as the likes of Ally decks, whom this severely blunts for a turn. The card draw is the icing on the cake, as I knew I wanted a solid engine draw...

...which brings me on to Palace Familiars. Man do I love these guys; 2 drop 1/1 with flying synergy that draws a card on death? What's not to love!? Playset for sure - especially as I have to at least put some actual creatures in there for potential stall so as not to 100% rely on an early Skywise.

My favourite draw engine is next: Treasure Cruise! With no graveyard interactions in the deck, the exile is easy to meet, making it an unparalleled hand refueller; add in Narset, and you can colour me happy.

A wildcard I want to try out is 1 Talent of the Telepath; I know this isn't a mill deck, but it's not the milling I'm interested in (though it's large enough to impact them on it's own) - it's the synergy with both Skywise (free spell spam) and Narset for free rebound play. Combos galore.

Finally (well, near enough), I knew I wanted a Planeswalker in, and Narset Transcendent was the clear and obvious choice given all the aforementioned synergies - most notably (for me), the -2 rebound combos. The +1 acceleration is also great, and the -9 Emblem (when pulled off, which I appreciate isn't easy) is crazy good.

Finally finally, that left 12 slots for Basic Lands, and I've admittedly gone against the advice of my much more knowledgeable friend by not balancing it - 7 Islands, 5 Plains. I'm not saying he's wrong, but I want to try it like this, with just a slight imbalance to represent the skew in colour in the deck, and efficiency maintained via the 8 dual-colour (and to a certain extent, the Blighted Steppes).

Feel free to point out anything I'm missing, or anything you think I could do to improve, or even that my deck sucks - that's fine, as I said, I've just started, I don't expect to get it straight outta the gates. Hopefully, there's at least potential to work with here, and if anyone has any feedback on it, awesome and thank you in advance!

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