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Updated deck. Added Combos. Ordering Moat (Legends) soon.

Lol, you'll love it. Tombstone Stair well combos so well with any zombie deck. Your opponents get zombies too, so I'd recommend having a zombie lord out (death baron or cemetery reaper) or have Undead Warchief. They may swing with 4 2/2 zombies, then its your turn with 5 5/4 zombies with death touch. Let the laughs ensue. I played that and my friend didn't care.. Until I won the game and he was like '...what just happened'. Great times. Good luck with your zombie deck and have fun!

I've been building this deck for months so every time I got a paid I'd buy $20 worth of cards or find them and trade for them. It might take a while but, when you slowly start kicking everyone's ass in EDH, you'll notice the difference. EDH isn't supposed to be a quick game, it's supposed to take longer and player higher costing cards. The way I see it, you should run a lot of fast 1-3 drop cards and finish your opponent before they get a win combo off.

These are the cards I recommend taking out, they either cost too much mana (Zombies in EDH kinda need to be quick, if you've got one or two out on turn two you're good to go. They'll start trying to remove the chump ones early) or don't have much in terms of abilities.

Corpse Connoisseur for Korlash, Heir to Blackblade (You're running mono black zombies, he's a must.)
Vengeful Pharaoh for Sorin Markov use his -3 ability to make target player's life total become 10. You can use it on yourself too if you're at 3 life
Severed Legion for Gravecrawler or Bloodghast for recursion
Highborn Ghoul for Stromgald Crusader (Zombie with Flying)
Polluted Dead for Adaptive Automaton (He's basically a general because he can +1/+1 ALL of your zombies)
Blackcleave Goblin for Festering Goblin (when he blocks, you can kill a 2/2 creature if it's attacking, put the -1/-1 counter on that creature)
Contagious Nim for Butcher Ghoul and not sure about where you play, most EDH players HATE infect. Too easy to win.
Gutless Ghoul for Gutless Ghoul, sac a creature it gets a +1/+1 COUNTER. Sac Bloodghast or Gravecrawler each turn.
Stinkweed Imp for Skirk Ridge Exhumer, discard a card (creature if you perfer, then reanimate) to spit out a token
Patriarch's Bidding for maybe Oversold Cemetery?
Syphon Mind for No Mercy
Promise of Power for Contamination, use with Bloodghast or Gravecrawler early game. Pretty much cripples all non-black decks so you kick ass
Sever the Bloodline for Ashes to Ashes, it's a 3 cost exile TWO target creatures from the game and you lose 5 life. Great deal.
Morality Shift for Victimize or No Rest for the Wicked.

Hope this list helps you out with your zombie EDH deck. Here's my current build if you want to look:

Hiya, I wanted to suggest a couple cards:
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
Sorin Markov
Tombstone Stairwell
Zombie Master
Stromgald Crusader
Festering Goblin

If you have any questions, feel free to post and I'll answer as best I can. I'll be posting my Zombie EDH deck soon too if you would like me to link it.

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