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The second is also interesting, it seems a powerful mechanic. I would say that its secondary cost that it destroys the creature, is a little... br0ken, especially for a common! haha, I could use that common on turn 6 pump it with mana and get rid of something big! Obviously, I would let it survive long enough for its ability to resolve. Trust me if I don't exploit it, I am sure someone will. :P

But it is great, like it ! Thanks for the time you guys have spent to make these cards! It is as fun for me looking at your work, as it must have been designing them!

D'oh! I totally forgot to change the rarity on Assimilation Knight LOL That should be, at least, Uncommon, if not Rare. Here I go again, mixing MtG and work LOL!

The idea behind the destroy aspect is to add some serious urgency to the board. I guess that's something that I feel lacks in a lot of the games I play (I play mostly Modern, some Sealed Draft), so to have this "IMMA GONNA EET YOO IF YOO DONT KEEL ME!" monster out there gives me a nice tingly heebeejeebee feeling :)

I'll try my hand at this! So here's two mechanics I've considered before, Pathlighting and Subsume. Pathlighting allows scrying through lands you control, inspired by water divining and the such in our "real" world, heh. Subsume is a mechanic that I thought would always go well with anything Phyrexian.

Art is from wen-m on deviantart. I've long admired his artwork. You can find him here:

General Magic / Re: Make your own Planeswalker
« on: September 30, 2016, 09:42:57 pm »
Soooo my brain is very much not in a balancing sort of mode, seeing as how I'm still at work & trying to be semi-productive, but here's my shot at this. Elesh is my favorite artwork and one of my absolute favorite characters from MtG. This is playing off what the white faction of the Phyrexians (shut up, spell check, that is SO a word) seem to be motivated by and ultimately try to achieve. It may be broke as junk, but hey, I had fun making it.

General Magic / Re: Pre-Release Games
« on: September 30, 2016, 08:35:47 pm »
Going to get a fat pa...bundle...yeah, that thing, after work in a few hours. Super excited!! From what I've seen for others unboxing theirs, I like the changes to the bundle (the name could have stuck around, but I get it). Happy release day to all of you!! :-D

General Magic / Re: Pre-Release Games
« on: September 29, 2016, 06:44:14 pm »
(First time forum post; I've used the deckbuilding tool a lot, but haven't had the courage to post in the forums before,haha!)
I went 2-0 with a GW fabricate + module deck. I pulled two of the three modules, Fabrication and Animation, and had plenty of green or white creatures that either generated energy or came in with counters. Also had Ghirapur Guide, and he really helped by making things unblockable based on opposing creatures' powers. Narnam Cobra was nice to have: it spooked my opponent from attacking too much. I'm going to turn these into a full Modern or Standard deck under the same premise. None of us pulled any Masterpieces or Planeswalkers, but we saw a Panharmonicon and Aetherworks Marvel (just a small group of four friends). My stamped card was Pia Nalaar.  Overall I'm *really* liking Kaladesh! It's a breath of fresh air after so much squidgy-nope from the last few sets.

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