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Alright, I'll clarify a few things related to that game:
  • It was played online with strangers so I only talked to them very briefly before the game. In retrospect I should have probably mentioned beforehand that I'm carrying Rift.
  • It delayed someone from winning for exactly 2 turns while I was drawing tons of (38) cards. I was about to win with Thassa's Oracle without any infinite draw but ultimately lost anyway.
  • I have all the other instant speed bounce spells, it's just another bounce among the others. Happens to cost a little bit more mana and does a little bit more things.

Also as a side note: do you think Sunder is a feelsbad card that one shouldn't play?

So I play Cyclonic Rift in my Bounce & Draw deck. (Recently changed the commander to Kami of the Crescent Moon.) A couple of people got a little upset about me playing the card on turn 15-ish. The deck aims to bounce permanents and fill people's hands with cards so Cyclonic Rift is a very, very flavourful card in that sense. It doesn't win me the game on the spot and doesn't seem to affect my win rates (in fact, I lost that game) so the question is: should I remove the card from my deck?

What's your opinion in general about playing strong cards in lower power metas if there's a thematic connection to the card? For example is Thassa's Oracle okay without infinite combos? Is Demonic Tutor okay to find your piece of jank that you absolutely just need? Can you play Demonic Consultation as a tutor with a very dangerous downside? Can you play combo cards that would let you do powerful things (thinking about Sydri, Galvanic Genius & Liquimetal Coating which is basically land destruction but can be used to animate any permanent into a creature) but you choose not to do that? Is Rhystic Study a card that you can play despite being a really powerful card; what constitutes as a high power card?

General Magic / Re: White's Current State in MTG
« on: Today at 02:07:59 pm »
Your scenario obviously requires some setup and green is best equipped to take advantage of an empty board. I think white would be playing into green's pocket with an Armageddon in a generic situation. Even with Crucible of the Worlds. Selesnya on the other hand...

Your decks will be a bit generic if you do it that way. You should have a theme per colour and those themes should have some common denominators so that you're not completely lost with goodstuff black cards mashed together with white goodstuff cards. Which brings me to my next point: why not just take five monocoloured partner commanders and shuffle those up before the game to see what you get? You'd have a coherent plan for each colour.

General Magic / Re: White's Current State in MTG
« on: Today at 09:14:39 am »
I classify Land Tax as card draw in my decks. They're specific kind of cards but cards nonetheless. It also works with stuff like Scroll Rack really well. Or Walking Atlas, Terrain Generator. Smothering Tithe on the other hand is true ramp, it pulls you ahead in mana.

I just read a discussion on Reddit where they claimed Armageddon is white's best weapon. I disagree but I think it's an interesting take on the matter that in EDH rule 0 would be the limiting factor. Most people don't enjoy playing against stax, hatebears or land destruction so I kind of understand where they're coming from but I don't think allowing hate strategies would elevate white any higher than it is.

General Magic / Re: White's Current State in MTG
« on: October 26, 2020, 11:04:52 am »
(excluding Planeswalkers)
Big Green Smash Face, Planeswalker be Dead

General Magic / Re: White-bordered cards painted black.
« on: October 25, 2020, 12:24:02 pm »
I'm not so sure guys. It's an attempt of fraud so I think it deserves a very critical review. Sending a forged card vs sending the wrong card is a huge difference.

General Magic / Re: Games you've enjoyed
« on: October 22, 2020, 10:08:45 pm »
My Barrin, Tolarian Archmage hug/bounce/control deck won a game today! This was played online.

It was The Scarab God mill & tokens, Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig & lots of creatures and Iroas, God of Victory & Soldiers/tokens, and me, Barrin the Bounce.

Iroas had a rough start, no lands for about 10 turns or so. A really rough start, especially because I cast Overburden on turn 2. Yorvo had a an Elvish Mystic out so they weren't that affected by the Overburden. Otherwise the game lagged for many turns, people bouncing lands and struggling to get anything on the board.

Enter the Iron Maiden that could. I had Iron Maiden out almost from the beginning and people began taking some damage from it (except Yorvo who was able to dump their hand in time). I was even able to get a second Iron Maiden out with Phyrexian Metamorph. Soon after we were drawing two cards with Howling Mine so people's hands were always full. In addition to that The Scarab God played a Psychic Corrosion so we were milling heavily.

Yorvo grew big many a times, lots of green creatures on the board and we were taking heavy hits from it. Enter a few bounce spells and Yorvo wasn't able to hit us quite so hard. By this point the Soldier tribal player Iroas had managed to get token generators out and was slowly trickling some damage in.

Life totals are around 30 for Yorvo, 15 for me and single digits for the two other players. Deck sizes around 30 due to all the draw and mill. The Scarab God exiled a Pelakka Wurm from The Scarab God's grave to gain 7 life and save himself from my Iron Maidens. Two turns after they exiled a Gisela, Blade of Goldnight from Iroas's grave to take less damage from the Iron Maidens. Really skillful plays.

Eventually their defenses wore out (I think I cast an Evacuation) and both The Scarab God and Iroas were out. It was just me, Yorvo and their 25 life. I spent a whole lot of time bouncing, blocking with Psychosis Crawler and countering stuff.

Finally I was able to River's Rebuke Yorvo and began looping Barrin with Equilibrium bouncing two creatures to their (full) hands every turn. That was the end of it. The (two) Iron Maiden(s) that could.

All in all I'm super happy to see that this deck I've been working with has finally started to work and not just spin wheels hard. Looks like increasing bounce density and adding more counterspells was the way to go. I think I still need more solid win conditions but other than that it feels like I'm on the right track here.

General Magic / Re: Infect
« on: October 21, 2020, 05:46:35 pm »
My Dakkon voltron runs Tainted Strike but then again it takes players out one by one anyway. My Uro deck runs Triumph of the Hordes as an alternative to Pathbreaker Ibex. Am I a bad person now?

General Magic / Re: Infect
« on: October 21, 2020, 01:06:06 pm »
How did I miss this thread completely???

Well then. Maybe a poll for "Infect - yay or nay?"

Considering infect is storm scale 7 ( it's unlikely they'll print anything to do with infect.

Blue doesn't get rates like that.

Windfall, Rhystic Study, Timetwister, Mystic Remora, Fact or Fiction, Treasure Cruise, Dig Through Time.

Off the top of my head.

Windfall and Timetwister are wheels. That's a little unfair comparison.

Rhystic and Remora are draw engines much like Phyrexian Arena.

Fact or Fiction is 4 mana for 2 or 3 cards.

I give you Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time.

...I play Painful Truths in my Esper decks. It's fantastic value. I think it's an underrated/underplayed card. Ok - it's sorcery speed so that hurts but other than that hitting the colours isn't hard. Blue doesn't get rates like that.

I disagree. I think burst spells are the way to go in EDH. Depends on how long the game drags on for but drawing two now is better than waiting several turns to draw the same amount of cards. At least I've found these cards super useful compared to Phyrexian Arena or Dark Confidant. Value engines are a different story because there's a possibility that you draw several cards per turn - Grim Haruspex being a brilliant example of that. Grim Haruspex is also instant speed so it's got that going for it.

Phyrexian Arena and Underworld Connections draw you a card per turn unless you've got something weird going on. For Phyrexian Arena the math against Night's Whisper is as follows: one turn to replace itself, one turn to draw a card. Night's Whisper achieves the same thing but in a single turn with no wait time. Engines like that eat a lot of removal so I'm not a huge fan of them.

I run all four. I can usually fix the colours for Sign in Blood and Painful Truths so it's not that bad of a restriction. I would say Night's Whisper is the best closely followed by Read the Bones due to it's sheer digging power. You get to see four cards into your deck if you bottom the first two. May I note that Painful Truths is a cantrip at its worst and a Divination at two colours. Divination isn't something we play often but it's still card advantage so I wouldn't complain if for some reason I wasn't able to hit the colours.

Commander Deck Reviews / Re: Oloro, Ageless Ascetic, Too many cards
« on: October 16, 2020, 12:31:22 pm »
Some suggestions that are up to you:
Teferi's Ageless Insight
Sydri, Galvanic Genius - this one is an instant win combo with Aetherflux Reservoir if you have more than 50 life.

Almost strictly better replacements:
Render Silent -> Dovin's Veto, Swan Song
Phyrexian Arena -> Painful Truths, Night's Whisper, Read the Bones

In general I would add some generic draw spells, especially ones that give you cards now instead of slowly and later in the game. Oloro is already a good engine but a slow one at that. Youv'e got some really expensive cards in there so I'm assuming you're playing at a higher power level where cards like Phyrexian Arena are just too slow. Remember: it takes three turns to gain as many cards with Phyrexian Arena as it does with Painful Truths. You've got 11 card advantage spells almost all of which are slow - you may want to consider replacing them with more powerful burst draw.

Finally I'm going to gift you my Generic Esper list that includes some of the better cards for Esper in general. Pick your weapons.

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