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Sorry for the later.

As you can see, the first for me is the theme (i absolute love dinosaurs), and the balance. Abrade is not really cheap, but is usefull. Replace Abrade for Reckless rage is a good option to trigger ripjaw raptor and friynd another creature.

For another type of control there are another best options like beast within, song of the dryads... etc

When i can, i will make a green white version of this deck.

First, thanks for your comment : )

How has playtesting been?
- Fast, strong and very fun.

Any changes you'd make?
- A lot, i think it depends about your personality, form of play and your rival´s deck. We play very "casual", but in a competitive session in my sideboard there is four "Naturalize" in the place of the "Brontodon". Another instant can replace the "Abrade". The configuration that you see is my version if we don´t use the sideboard.

Any thoughts to trading a few mountains for forests due to the ramp being dependant on green mana?
- This is the best about the use of this deck, i never had problems with the mana. Arbor Elf and Utopia sprawl are awesome

Any thoughts to adding Commune with Dinosaurs?
- I belive that it is a very usefull card... but not in my deck. The ramp and the mana y solve with the Elf and the Utopia sprawl, and when i have not a dinosaur i have red control. For me is about balance.

Dinosaurios are the best. That's all.

Teriyaki modern dinosaurs

Ramp with utopia sprawl, arbor elf, and free the dino-power.

[es] Solicitud de revisión de Mazos / [Legacy] Dead pack
« on: May 29, 2018, 01:45:13 am »
Dead pack

Aggressive deck based in the use of the shepher of the rot for quick damage, supporting the distance in lives by the creatures and the cycle of gempalm polluter.

If all looks bad, damnation... the recuperation of this deck is amaizing for me, above all with the diregraf colossus.

[es] Solicitud de revisión de Mazos / [Legacy] Black blue faith
« on: November 18, 2017, 04:24:05 pm »
Black blue faith

In process, my strategy is a engine for the use of the Faith of the devoted, drake haven, o Archfiend of ifnir (i love this demon).

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