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Author Topic: Using the card override feature on Deckstats  (Read 14246 times)


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Using the card override feature on Deckstats
« on: April 24, 2020, 07:58:03 pm »
People don't always play cards in obvious ways. For example, they may have a card like Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and never intend to play it for its normal mana cost. Thus, it wouldn't make sense to show it in the mana curve or include it in the average CMC calculation. They may also be playing a proxy version of a card and don't want it to be included in the total deck price.

To allow this type of customization, we have the override feature. To override the properties of a card in the deckbuilder or collection manager, click on the pencil icon and then on override. If you are using the text-based deckbuilder, you can add the properties you want to override to the end of the line, enclosed in angle brackets (< and >).

The available commands are:

  • cost=SYMBOLS: Enclose each symbol in { } and use two-letter codes for hybrid mana. For example: cost={WU}{U}
  • source=SYMBOLS: Specify which mana a card produces. Use {*} for any color.
  • supertype=TYPE: Specify the supertype of the card, which will decide its group when grouping a deck by type. Valid values are: Land, Creature, Enchantment, Instant, Sorcery, Artifact, Planeswalker, Other
  • price_XXXXX=PRICE: Specify a custom price for shop XXXXX. Available options are: price_tcgplayer, price_cardkingdom, price_cardmarket, price_cardhoarder, price_miracle
  • effective_cost=NUMBER: Sets the effective CMC (EMC) of the card, which is used for the mana curve chart and for sorting.
  • color_identity=SYMBOLS: Specify the color identity (useful for the Commander deck legality checker).
  • ignore_cost: Exclude a card from all mana calculations
  • ignore_price: Exclude a card from price calculations

You can have multiple overrides by separating them with a semicolon: cost={W};price_cardmarket=3.99
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