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Commander Discussion / Re: Your controversial opinion
« le: Septembre 16, 2021, 07:28:04 am »
I don't understand why CEDH is a thing. Just play Modern or Legacy (Vintage if you are that lucky).

I don't understand why so many people strive towards CEDH levels. EDH used to be a casual format, some how it rarerly is any more.


Standard, Modern, Legacy etc are competitive formats, Just play one of those if you want to play competitive.

- it is more difficult to play well and read the board correctly in Commander than in competitive formats because it is much less predictable and you have more than one opponent at the same time

- A good Commander deck is not necessarily a deck that wins often, but a deck that frequently manages to set up the strategy for which it is designed and which forces other players to team up against one

Commander Discussion / Re: Voltron: focus or spread?
« le: Décembre 02, 2020, 07:32:53 am »
I've built and tested a few Voltron decks (Rafiq, Bruna, Kalemne, kind of Ukkima / Cazur Voltron and will be trying Wyleth and Sigarda shortly). There are two possibilities, usually the Commander grows slowly and you need 2/3 attacks to kill someone, so you have to focus on 1 player and pray, because the more players there are on the table the more likely your commander is killed and you have to restart. But if instead you see that you have the cards in your hand to suddenly power up the Commander to kill in one attack (for example, you use Rafiq and you have like a Rancor and a Blackblade Reforged in your hand), you can also do a "decoy" attack on a player and the next turn to boost the commander suddenly and kill one of the other players.

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